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Valzer Op.4 by Marzia Gaggioli

Valzer Op.4 by Marzia Gaggioli

15 Waltzes arranged for piano composed by Marzia Gaggioli

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Autore: Marzia Gaggioli
Volume: 101 p.
Lingua: Italian
Data scritto: gen 2006
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15 Waltzes arranged for piano composed by Marzia Gaggioli

First collection of 15 Waltzes composed by Marzia Gaggioli in 2006/ 2007. Original pieces for piano in different keys.

15 neue Walzer komponiert von der Komponistin Marzia Gaggioli.

L'autore assume la piena responsabilità per tutti i contenuti da lui pubblicati.

Circa l'autore

Marzia Gaggioli | Autore su XinXii.com

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Altri profili sul web
Marzia Gaggioli is an Italian composer and singer-songwriter. She was born in Rome the 8th of March 1985. Her love for music starts when she was a child. At age of six years, she already played the piano by ear and composed her own songs, but she refused to study music.
When she was 14, she became a "SIAE" memeber (Italian Copyright Society for Composers/Authors and Editors) passing the tests and getting qualifications as "music composer" and "lyrics author". After that, she started recording her music making a lot of cd’s.
She loves composing different kinds of music:

Classical Music:
Sonatas, symphonies, concertos, minuets, rondos, nocturnes and serenades, marches, many waltzes and more. Music plays in her head just like a CD, and all that she can do is running at the piano and try to reproduce the music and sounds she heard in her mind.

Modern Music:
She composes, arranges, plays, sings her songs in different languages (that she learns by herself) and different sounds: pop, rock, rap, hip-hop, jazz, dance music and more.
She also composes movie soundtracks and folk music.

Until now, she has composed more than 1200 pieces of music (between songs and classical)

Played instruments:
Piano and keyboards, drums kit, violin.

Performances and competitions:
In 2003 she took part at "Castrocaro Competition" (one of the most popular competitions for singer-song writers in her Country) and made it through the semi finals. During the same period she performed as singer and drummer in many night clubs and discos in her city. She performed live and was guest on many national and local TV transmissions and her music is played in many radios all over the world.

In 2012 one of her song written in Polish "Jestem Tutaj" became a big Hit in Poland and got the firsts positions on the national You Tube music chart for weeks giving a hard time to the Korean rapper Psy and his viral song "Gangnam Style". Thousand and thousand of fans from Poland asked for more songs in their language and so now Marzia is busy recording a whole Polish Album that will be realeased this year.

Marzia has also others passions: she loves drawing (comics with stories and characters created by her) and painting, shooting and editing videos (all her videoclips are exclusively all made by her), creating clothes and costumes, writing poems and fantasy stories.


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