Julioh, a Visual Trip (Graphic Novel)

Julioh, a Visual Trip (Graphic Novel)

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Autor: Luis Prado
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Sprache: English
Verfasst: Nov. 2011
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Kategorie: Belletristik » Comics / Cartoons  |  Publikationsart: Roman
Stichworte: adventure, advertising, argentina, environment, fable, freedom, graphic novel, humor, julioh, luis prado, new york, photography, thought provoking, visual, war, funny, smart, immigration

A darkly funny graphic novel about a young man and advertising.

Julioh is a unique visual story about a young man obsessed with getting a job in advertising.

Determined to make it big, Julioh will stop at nothing, trading a small town in Argentina, for Nueva York—the city of dreams. Filled with challenges and unusual characters, Julioh is a smart and darkly funny visual adventure.

Along the journey you will run into not only unusual characters, but also subtle and not-so-subtle messages about our environment, the well-being of animals and world peace.

The book is 214 pages long and lavishly illustrated with cinematic photography.

Learn more about the book at julioh.com

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Über den Autor

Luis Prado | Autor auf XinXii.com

registriert seit: Nov. 2011
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Luis Prado has been chasing balloons since he was a kid. Born in Tucumán, Argentina, he grew up racing cars—1:32 scale, and playing soccer on cobblestone streets. At 24, he graduated as an architect from the tuition-free national university. At 26, he pursued advertising, and at 28, he traveled to the United States to follow his dreams.

He’s been a graphic designer and advertising freelancer for many years. His work has been showcased in several publications, and he has received numerous awards.

Luis has a passion for visual communications, reading the morning paper, and having a good cup of coffee with sweet bread, or just plain bread lightly covered with black currant preserve. Julioh is his first book, which he calls a 
labor of love and 

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