Lost Love Poems

Lost Love Poems

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Autor: Tim Kavi
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Verfasst: März 2013
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Stichworte: romance, love, loss, poetry, unrequited love, love poems, lost love, loneliness, break ups, love relationships, eternal love, loves not real, loves fate, broken relationships, loves dark side, haunting love, hope after lost love, lost love poems, unreturned love

Poems About Lost Love, Unrequited Love, and Memories of Past Loves

Dedicated to anyone who has ever experienced lost or unreturned love, Lost Love Poems is an inspiring collection. By honoring lost loves as valuable loves in their own right, this collection can help you understand the power of love, view past loves as inspiration, and encourages you to open yourself to love again when you are ready.

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Tim Kavi | Autor auf XinXii.com

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Tim Kavi is a writer, poet, and teacher (when he's not doing his day jobs as a consultant, businessman, or therapist). His poetry is most well known for collections that emphasize the Goddess, the Divine Feminine, mysticism, and philosophical themes associated with freedom, dialogue, and dualism/monism. Kavi often uses love poems to convey these ideas.

He has published three prior collections: Emerging Goddess (2011), Ascending Goddess (2012), and Lost Love Poems (2012). Forthcoming collections include Poems of Protest, Revealed Goddess, and City of Night-City of Light.

Learn more about Tim and his books at: http://www.timkavipoet.com

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