Lust Island

Lust Island

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Autor: Tia Rain
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Sprache: English
Verfasst: Jan. 2014
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Kategorie: Sexualität, Liebe & Erotik » Literatur / Geschichten  |  Publikationsart: Erzählung
Stichworte: Public, virgin sex, rough, hardcore, watched, fucking, lovers, couple, oral, anal, foreplay, sex play, BDSM, blowjob. lust, island, Cum, creamed, Tits, Ass, Cock, Pussy

First-time sex in view of all your friends...

On a nameless island, a local tradition befalls the night. Once every week a new couple is chosen by the group to spend the night alone on the island, and in so doing, explore not only the unity of being a couple but the sexual desires, wants and lust for each other. So enters Travis and Lynn, a couple of only a few months; soon to become new explores upon the Island of Lust.

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Tia Rain | Autor auf

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Makayla Rose is an African American, female author specializing in the genre of Homo-erotica. Currently she lives in a suburb of Detroit Michigan with her female counterpart, their two cats, and dog.

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