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Morrissey Fans in the Borderlands  

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Morrissey fans from the Midlands to the Borderlands.

Morrissey is a music icon. The former singer of the influential Manchester band The Smiths is arguably one of the most intriguing, if not polarizing, iconic figures of popular culture.

But this book, by Melissa Mora Hidalgo, is not about Morrissey. This book is about his fans, their creative expressions of fandom, and their contributions to Morrissey’s worldwide popularity. Specifically, this book is about the subculture of Moz fandom as a US-Mexican borderland phenomenon. Mozlandia—Morrissey fans from the Midlands to the Borderlands.

First book on the cultural production of Morrissey fans and the first book about the specific fan subculture of Morrissey and Smiths fandom as a US-Mexican borderland phenomenon.
Differs from other Morrissey fan projects (books, documentaries, articles) by centering on the fans as creative agents and expressive cultural producers of their own art, events, and writing that pay tribute to Morrissey and the Smiths. The book is an essential contribution to what the author terms ‘The Moz Fan Archive.’

The project is timely. Moz’s solo career milestone nearing 30 years; Los Angeles as a new center of fandom outside of Manchester; adds new perspectives on the cultural phenomenon of Latino/LA Morrissey fandom in the last 10 years, which includes ‘Mexrrissey’—a collective of musicians from Mexico and LA who re-imagine Smiths/Moz songs and tour the UK to sold out audiences.



Dr Melissa Mora Hidalgo was born in Montebello, east of East Los Angeles, Calfornia. She holds a PhD in Literature from the University of California, San Diego. She has taught courses in literature, ethnic studies, and Chicana/o cultural studies at UC San Diego and California State University, Fullerton. She is a Visiting Fulbright US Scholar affiliated with the Popular Culture and Popular Music research cluster at the University of Limerick in Ireland. Her other publications include short fiction, scholarly essays, and beer blogs. Dr. Hidalgo has been a Morrissey fan since 1991. She has never met him.

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