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My Present Ph: +91 9772972233
I Satish Arora am the owner of Jaxride shuttle ( ) service in Jacksonville FL, a ground transportation firm that provides transportation to and from “Jacksonville International Airport” services to Public and corporations.
I had to come back to India due to an accident caused by an uninsured motorist on Apr 28th 2015 for L4 Laminectomy, L5-5 Discectomy, b/L-4-5 Transpedicular Screw and Rod Fixation along with posterior lumber Intervertebral Body Fusion under GA.
Prior to my current business, I had been working in various fields and organizations. That includes 10 years of Indian Navy in Logistic support, 2 Years in multinational abrasive material industry, 2 Years in Christ is the Answer team touring villages in India, 2 Years in Printing Ink Industry as a store executive, 7 years in Sultanate of Oman Army as Instructor of Logistic support, 22 years in Taxi and limousine services in the USA.
Education: Hindi medium high school dropout. I left home in 1964 towards an unknown destination. After spending 3 years in various towns in India doing various jobs, returned home. On my mother’s persuasion I did odd jobs and appeared for graduated from Hindi medium school Board exam.
As of today my son lives in Mumbai/Goa with occasional strained contacts and daughter somewhere in Sacramento CA with no contact from last 1995

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