Demon Lord 5: God Realm

Demon Lord 5: God Realm

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Auteur: TC Southwell
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Taal: English
Geschreven in: Jan 2013
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Categorie: Fictie & literatuur » Fantasy  |  Werk: Roman
Tags: angels, creator, rescue, torture, destroyer, trap, god realm, demon beasts, hell hound, stealth ship, unbelievers, TC Southwell

Kayos’ shield sphere may not be enough to protect him in the God Realm…

The trackless and dangerous God Realm is shaped by the will of the gods who roam it, and the creatures of darkness that inhabit it prey upon the doomed mortals who wander its shifting wastes… Even a mortal dark god may not survive its traps and treachery, and a Grey God is a beacon that draws the darkness. Kayos’ shield sphere may not protect him from a dark god with a Key…

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TC Southwell was born in Sri Lanka and moved to the Seychelles with her family when she was a baby. She spent her formative years exploring the islands – mostly alone. Naturally, her imagination flourished and she developed a keen love of other worlds. The family travelled through Europe and Africa and, after the death of her father, settled in South Africa. T. C. Southwell has written over thirty novels and five screenplays. Her hobbies include motorcycling, horse riding and art.

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