How to become bikebarista

How to become bikebarista

start with your own bikecoffeecar

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Guide to become bikebarista and start your own bikecoffeecar with a cargobike

How to become bikebarista and start with your own bikecoffeecar

The BIKECOFFEECAR is a new cheap and ECO friendly way to sell coffee. On offer is espresso, latte, cappuccino, ect. With a BIKECOFFEECAR you look for customers. You go to the customer, instead of the customer coming to you. More and more you see BIKECOFFEECARS at places where people are on the move. At fetes, fairs, marketplaces, building sites, shopping centers, events, sports grounds, parking lots. On the way to train stations, metro and transfer links.

Coffee, it's tasty, quick and easy to carry in a handy portable cup.

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Jean Claude Quinquinet (*1950), entrepreneur, consultant and author of short stories. He gives workshops and coaches starting enterprises.

Quinquinets work over marketing is used as a guide for people beginning a business and self-employed persons.

Jean Claude Quinquinet (*1950) ist Unternehmer und Aktionär in Unternehmen die Arbeitslosen helfen und Autor von Marketingbüchern und Kurzgeschichten. Quinquinet lernte den Beruf des Hotelfachmanns. Später begann er, Workshops und Coachings für angehende Unternehmer zu geben.

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