Mop Jockeys and Fighter Pilots

Mop Jockeys and Fighter Pilots

An unexpected man warms a frozen heart...

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Auteur: J.A. Marlow
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Taal: English
Geschreven in: Aug 2011
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Categorie: Fictie & literatuur » Romantische fictie  |  Werk: Roman
Tags: romance, scifi, action, military, short story, science fiction, space, war, emotion, sf, fighter pilots, janitor, found love

The war destroyed Carme's emotions a long time ago... Or did it?

Captain Carme Batista doesn't have time for anything other than fighting the next battle. A distraction could mean death for her and her squadron.

But Felix isn't an ordinary janitor. He remembers things no one else does, unobtrusively attentive, seeming to sense what she needs before even she knows it.

He doesn't seem to understand she has no emotion left. The war with the Chion destroyed them a long time ago...

Or did it?

A 4000 Romance Science Fiction short story by J.A. Marlow

De verkoper neemt de volledige verantwoordelijkheid voor deze aanbieding.

Over de auteur

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It's said I was launched into space from birth and I haven't been back to Earth since.

There might be some truth in that.

As a reader I love science fiction with great plots, interesting characters, exotic locales, all accompanied by a sense of wonder with optimistic endings. As a writer, I love the same.

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