5IVE SPEED - A Novel

5IVE SPEED - A Novel

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Autor: Charley Warady
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Língua: English
Escrito em: Fev. 2011
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Categoria: Ficção e Literatura » Humor  |  Tipo: Roman
Palavras-chave: novel, humor, fiction, Chicago, funny, ebook

Hilarious and thought-provoking novel

It isn't until Donald Roth meets his son's future in-laws that he realizes he is tired of a three-speed life. Time to move up.

When Donald was a kid in the late 60's on the South Side of Chicago, he had a Schwinn Sting Ray bike. Everyone did. But everyone else had a five-speed. Donald's was a three-speed. It was good enough, as was explained by his parents, just as their Ford Maverick wasn't the neighbor's Le Mans, but it was good enough. And that's the way Donald was taught to live his life. It was a three-speed life. It was good enough.

He marries Emily because she's good enough. Emily marries Donald because that's what she had planned, and she is not going to experience divorce as did her parents. Donald opens a law practice with his two best friends and roommates from college because it's good enough.

Then the Roths meet their son's future in-laws and everything changes.

Donald wonders if, in fact, he could get that five-speed.

In this hilarious and thought-provoking novel, the whole concept of morals and convention is turned inside out. Everything is perception. If you like Richard Russo, Tom Perotta, and Jonathan Franzen, you're going to love this book.

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