From My Earliest Childhood

A free ticket to a future past

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Autor: Agnes Maria Kurz
Tamanho: 3 página(s)
Escrito em: Abr. 2009
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Categoria: Ficção e Literatura » Contos  |  Tipo: Story / Narration
Palavras-chave: memories, romance, romanticism, origin, magic, happiness, good and bad times, authenticity, miracle, spirituality, fascination, ticket to the past

Linking childhood memories to present awareness

The artist is digging deep into her childhood memories to try and rediscover the authenticity of her personality. Moreover, she tries to find an explanation for her consciousness in the early roots of her childhood and to discover again the early fascination with life.

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Sobre o autor

Agnes Maria Kurz | Autor no XinXii

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Agnes Maria lebt in Süddeutschland. Die Sängerin/Songwritern schreibt vor allem sozialkritische und politische Texte, spielt aber auch gerne mit humoristischen Themen.

Agnes Maria Kurz lives in southern Germany. The singer/songwriter concentrates on sociocritical and political lyrics, but she she also dabbles in humoristic subjects.

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