Mysteerie Manor; O Misterio da Mansao Valencia

Mysteerie Manor; O Misterio da Mansao Valencia

An erie mansion with a personality of its own.

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Autor: Sharon Hays
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Escrito em: Ago. 2011
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Categoria: Ficção e Literatura » Crime e mistério  |  Tipo: Roman
Palavras-chave: Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Horror, Paranormal, Psychic, Metaphysical, Fiction, Detective, Sleuths

An erie mansion with a personality of its own.

Mysteerie Manor, a new murder mystery by Sharon Hays, tells the story of a historical paranormal mansion and its connection to criminal activity.

Mysteerie Manor follows Maryanne O’Donnell, a young entrepreneur in Colorado on the lookout for investment properties. When she finally gets the chance to buy a historic property she’s had her eye on for years, Maryanne’s excitement is quickly stifled when mysterious activities are discovered at Valencia Manor. Assembling an unexpected group of detectives, Maryanne and a collection of police officers, psychics, priests and more set out to discover the dangerous, supernatural mysteries at the mansion.

Inspired by her love of classic mystery novels and her own paranormal experiences, Hays intends to introduce realistic terror and clever dialogue to the thriller genre. She hopes that Mysteerie Manor keeps readers on their toes and offers unexpected plot twists. With Mysteerie Manor, Hays aims to deliver a character-driven story full of suspense, humor and diversity.

About the Author
Sharon Hays studied business and creative arts and spent most of her professional career in real estate. Her love of poetry is what formed her foundation to pursue her passion for writing.

Sharon Hays
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Poet and short fiction author Sharon Hays studied business in Utah and the creative writing arts in Wyoming and Florida. A mother of five, Hays has also had various experiences in purchasing and developing real-estate. Self-employed most of her life in a diverse selection of businesses, has given her much to draw from when it comes to storytelling. Her love of poetry formed a foundation for her craft of writing. Even as a child Sharon had an interest in the literary arts and a strong drive for creative expression.

While taking a creative writing class online in 2005 through the University of South Florida, Sharon received an assignment to create a main character with no specific story line. Pulling from her love of mystery novels, she created, Maryanne O’Donnell, a young entrepreneur, and Mysteerie Manor came to life as her mind’s eye took her through the story, introducing Maryanne to the other characters. As an organic author, Sharon allows the story to tell itself through her own creative vision. Once she created Maryanne, the main story line, characters and events seemed to emerge of their own accord to tell the story of an eerie mansion with a personality all its own. The creativity and inspiration that exploded from Sharon’s writing process have flowed into the sequel that will blow readers away with its unique style and new exciting twists and turns.

Following the release of Mysteerie Manor, the arrival of her new Grand Daughter Parker Elizabeth was just the inspiration she needed to publish a children’s book. “The Tumbleweed Family” quickly came to life with the help of illustrator Daniele Montella, with a story Sharon had created to tell her own children every night at bedtime.

She is currently working on a Poetry and Art Collections Book in collaboration with illustrator Daniele Montella and other artists to create a colorful visual representation of the poetry.

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