The Last Goddess

The Last Goddess

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Autor: C.E. Stalbaum
Tamanho: 600 página(s)
Escrito em: Maio 2011
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Categoria: Ficção e Literatura » Literatura fantástica  |  Tipo: Novel
Palavras-chave: fantasy, magic, wizard, sorcery, swords and sorcery, witch, action, adventure,

The Messiah returns, but is she real or an elaborate hoax?

When a man discovers the body of the long-lost Messiah, he fears her very presence might incite a holy war. When she wakes up, he is certain of it.

Nathan Rook never had much use for faith. As a soldier in the last war, he witnessed first-hand the devastation wrought by the ageless religious schism so deeply dividing his country. But when he discovers an ancient coffin and finds a living, breathing woman inside, he believes he may have stumbled across the greatest discovery in history—or the greatest hoax. From her ceremonial dress to her elaborate tattoos, the mysterious woman is the perfect incarnation of the Messiah, and she wields a power that defies the very laws of magic. There’s just one problem: she doesn’t remember anything, not even her own name.

As he strives to restore her memory, Rook realizes it might not matter if she is the genuine Messiah or not. Once word of her discovery gets out, every faction in the city will seek to claim her legendary power as their own. Together they struggle to evade a mad prince, a renegade general, and a power-hungry senator, but he has yet to confront the biggest problem of all: he is falling in love with her.

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C.E Stalbaum has a PhD in Political Science/International Relations from Purdue University. He has taught courses in English Composition, Creative Writing, and International Politics. He lives in Massachusetts.

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