Nesnosnoe Prikluchenie

Nesnosnoe Prikluchenie

Rytsar Priozeria series, book 2

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Автор: Laura Lond
Объем: 234 Страниц
Язык: русский
Составлено: Янв 2013
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Категория: Беллетристика » фантастика  |  Вид презентации: Novel
Ключевые слова: humor, fantasy, magic, good and evil, humorous fantasy, russian books, funny villain, russian language, books in russian, fantasy in russian, books in russian language

Russian edition of Nesnosnoe Prikluchenie (My Royal Pain Quest)

This is the Russian language edition of Nesnosnoe Prikluchenie (published as My Royal Pain Quest in English), book 2 of the Rytsar Priozeria series (The Lakeland Knight series).

How far would a villain go to help a friend? Lord Arkus of Blackriver Castle thinks doing three heroic deeds is a bit too far. Not only it’s plain detestable, it can ruin his reputation and get him in trouble with the Villains League. On the other hand, it’s not like he’s got friends to spare. And losing the League’s membership isn’t the end of the world, one can always work independently.

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Laura Lond is an internationally published author of several novels, novellas, and a number of short stories. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in history. Having worked for 2 years at a literary museum, Laura entered the world of business, working for large international corporations like Xerox Ltd. and Fluor Daniel. After moving from Europe to the United States, she has been self-employed as a freelancer.

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