World. From death to life

World. From death to life

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Автор: Andrey Kolyasnikov
Объем: 106 Страниц
Язык: русский
Составлено: Ноя 2018
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Категория: Беллетристика » фантастика  |  Вид презентации: Roman
Ключевые слова: Fantasy, love, adventure,

Fantasy, love, betrayal and adventure

From the cosmodrome of planet Geya controlled by the Founders, travel to a distant planet a new batch of “Gods”. Head of the Gods appointed Zef Seth, recently returned from prison Abyss… but the story originates on Earth, for 10,000 years before the events, where ASS of Russian conducts space research on Venus, with the help of two androids remotely controlled from Earth. Upon arrival on the planet, the researchers lose sight of each other, and one is in Hell, and the other in Paradise…

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Andrey Kolyasnikov | Автор на КсинКсии!

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Andrey Pavlovich Kolyasnikov was born on March 16, 1981 in Ayaguz, Semipalatinsk region. Non-standard thinking, extraordinary imagination, love of books and travel made of Andrey Kolyasnikov a real writer.

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