Scents of Desire

Scents of Desire

Erotic Tales of a Future Ex-Wife

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Autor: Tia Rain
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Sprache: English
Verfasst: Sep. 2013
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Kategorie: Sexualität, Liebe & Erotik » Partnerschaft & Beziehung  |  Publikationsart: Erzählung
Stichworte: erotica, seduction, anal, bdsm, best friends, lovers, kinky, rough sex, oral, fingering, flirt, hardcore, xxx, cheating wife, foreplay, eroitc touch, cheaters

Clint hissed letting go of me, his hands slowly falling away from my ass

Damn that is fucking hot, I thought, never really believing Clint would have the balls to make a move on me, his best friend’s wife. Through the past several years, as my husband grew more distant, I began flirting with Clint whenever a moment would allow, shaking my tight ass in front of him when no one else was looking.

Allowing him to walk in on me in the shower, or see parts of my naked body. Always teasing him and in so doing, loving the feeling of desire I would see in his eyes. Knowing that I was the cause of his sex crazed agony, and now he was here standing in front of me in such a way, a way that made me suddenly grow slightly wet between my thighs. Damn I wanted him so much at the moment!

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Makayla Rose is an African American, female author specializing in the genre of Homo-erotica. Currently she lives in a suburb of Detroit Michigan with her female counterpart, their two cats, and dog.

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