The Sketchbook. A lucky stroke in art history

The Sketchbook. A lucky stroke in art history

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Autor: Gerd Presler
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Verfasst: Juni 2017
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The sketchbook – a place of encounter with contemporary artists.

Sketchbooks are an outstanding feature in more than a few exhibitions: they have a downright prominent place in showcases, above them monitors where all sheets can be seen on touch screens – a visual pleasure and an exciting event. Unfortunately, however, many people continue to be rather baffled by sketchbooks. What goes on there? Most are convinced that the purpose of a sketchbook is to prepare for a work – typically a painting. Its pages contain impressions of a preliminary nature, sketched in a few strokes, which are completed at another time and another place. But things have changed, and this is a development we have to examine at long last in greater depth: sketchbooks can accomplish more; they plough a field other than that of “pre-liminarity”! To date there is no publication that explores their true significance within the creative process. Is it not called for to take a close look at the weight artists attach to the “silent companion in their jacket pocket”? This is the purpose of this book.

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Prof. Dr. Dr. Gerd Presler ("Mr. Sketchbook"), Kunsthistoriker, Buchautor, Religionswissenschaftler und Journalist erarbeitete Werkverzeichnisse der Skizzenbücher von Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Edvard Munch, Asger Jorn, Max Beckmann, Willi Baumeister, Walter Stöhrer, Ludwig Meidner und Karl Hofer.

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