I Yearn For You My Sultan

I Yearn For You My Sultan

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Autor: S. C. Suber
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Sprache: English
Verfasst: Sep. 2011
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Kategorie: Belletristik » Liebesromane  |  Publikationsart: Sonstiges
Stichworte: dance, prince, sheik, Jasmine, Morocco, breasts, perfume, Scheherazade, harem, veils, maiden, bellydancing, passion, sahara, fantasy, Valentino, maharajah, Algiers, palace, romance, erotic, sultan, love, Orientalist, desire, harem, sultan, fantasy, desire, maiden, breasts, oasis, bellydancing, maharajah, Algiers, perfume, palace, passion, slave, erotic, kingdom, queen

Romantic Anthology with some erotica

I Yearn For You My Sultan (Anthology) is an intimate mixture of exoticism and romantic fantasy that celebrates the intensity of desire.

The poems and stories contained are not based on facts, but rather on the sensual creativity of a writer who thrives on the romantic aspects of life. These verses are written to carry you into the dynamics of the human experience, in essence, through the deeper meanings of their tale. Their meaning will enrapture, once your inner eye has found its way into the deeper realms, the worlds hidden in the subconscious mind.

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S. C. Suber | Autor auf XinXii.com

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S. C. Suber was born in the south of France, on the outskirts of Marseille. She has resided in Trieste, Italy and St. Louis, Missouri, and currently travels with her husband between Estero, Florida, Shawnee Mission, Kansas & Honolulu, Hawai’i, all places she has the privilege to call home.

Her interest in Eastern cultures started at a very early age from exotic family stories told from her grandfather Marius, who had joined the French Foreign Legion as a young man after having lost his true love to another, only to be reunited again years later; her Austrio-Italian father Giuseppe as a soldier in the Sahara; and her two French uncles Francis and Claude who spent time in Morocco and Algiers as French soldiers. Arabian themed films inspired by stories such as “Scheherazade” from the Tales of a Thousand and One Nights, as well as rich Orientalist paintings were very much of interest during her growing years. As an adult she took belly-dancing classes with its mesmerizing music and colorful enhancements. A must see is The Sheik with Rudolph Valentino.

“Life is rich with stories yet to be shared.”

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