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The author, Gopal R. Kolekar was born in a village named Kangrali B.K. in India.

Author: Gopal Kolekar
Pages: 100
Language: English
Publication date: 15/02/2021
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The author, Gopal R. Kolekar was born in a village named Kangrali B.K. in India. He is certified with Mech. Engg.
This book is written towards drawing the attention of the world’s inhabitants of the 24th century. The consciousness slides into the future and enters the body of another human being, Andreas Northam, in the year 3906 A.D.
Before Paul Dienach died, he entrusted to Papahatzis with part of his life – his diary. Without telling him what the notes were, Paul left him with the simple instructions that he should use the diary to improve his German by translating it to Greek. While translating, Papahatzis initially believed Paul had written a novel, but as he progressed, he realized the notes were actually his diary… from the future!
When Dienach was in a coma in a Geneva hospital, he claimed to have entered the body of another person, Andreas Northam, who lived in the year 3906 AD. On recovering from his coma, Dienach didn’t talk to anyone about his amazing experience as he thought he would be considered crazy. However, he wrote down the entirety of his memory relating to what he had seen of the future. And the same published in the book titled “Chronicles from the future”.
The research for this book has been independently done by me.
I have already published four books. The first edition of – How should the Indian Education System be? – was published in the year 2009 and it was well received. My conviction in writing this book was that in the future English language alone will remain on the Earth. Therefore, I published the above book in the interest of the world citizens with due respect to English as the unique language of the world. I have published another book titled – TheModern Administration of the Earth, in the year 2013, which too was a success.
Presently, in 2018 there are extreme terrorist activities going on across the world which shows the senselessness of the people of the earth in 2018. Such activities are common-place in South Asia and some Muslim countries. Presently the independent administration policy of each country shows that they do not con
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