A Tale of Forbidden Love

Pages: 91
Language: English
Publication date: 01/04/2014
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An unprecedented incestuous experiment between mother and son...
DESCRIPTION -- Shannon, who works for an affluent college outside Chicago conjures up an extraordinary hypothesis, and derives a plan to bring a mother and her son together as rightful lovers. Will this unprecedented human sexuality experiment, designed to persuade a mother to make love to her son and convince her to spend her life with him as his blushing bride, turn out to be Shannon’s greatest accomplishment?

EXCERPT -- “Tell me what you like about me, David,” I whispered as the dress fell upon the floor. He stammered, obviously uncomfortable at verbalizing his desires—as most people typically are.

“It's just... nice,” he managed to utter.

“What else, David? I see the way you're looking at me—my ass. What do you like about it?” I continued as I backed up, narrowing the gap between his face and the softened texture of my cheeks. I could hear his breathing swell.

“God, it's... just,” he floundered.

“Round?” I asked.

He sighed with appreciation. “Oh God, yes. So beautiful.”

“So you like girls with a full ass?” I cooed as I inched closer to him.

“Uh-huh,” he managed to reply.

“Put your hands on it, David. It's okay. I want you to touch me. Feel my nice big ass in your hands,” I said as his palms quickly placed themselves on each supple orb.

He was clumsy at first, yet his obvious appreciation soon translated itself into a slow, careful massage. My eyelids fluttered as David's actions arrested my senses. A mere boy, yet I could tell he would be a skilled and thoughtful lover once properly educated. With my hair dangling freely around my neck and shoulders, I flung it back around my shoulder so I could see the look in his eyes as his grateful caresses continued. That was something I truly got off on... the look in someone's eyes as they were gently submerged into the waters of lust. There he sat, not once taking his eyes off my bronzed globes. His fingers pressing themselves into the plumpness of each orb... his pale ivory skin matched against the mahogany hued flesh of my ass. I shuddered.

Turning around, I began to loosen the constraints of my black laced brazier. The look in his eyes was of disappointment, yet fascination as the bra fell to the floor, revealing my large, motherly breasts. Not to be presumptuous, but I did feel good about my body. I glow every time I make love to a man or a woman. And I know that each lover I devour, they are genuinely satisfied with my healthy physique. I wasn't going to torture myself or starve to be something, or someone I'm not.

And as David's youthful hands reached up to cup my savory breasts, I exhaled in elation as his face soon buried itself in my inviting cleavage. His moans became muffled between the deep valley of my bosom as my hands ran through his thick, short hair. My knees soon sat on each side of him as I easily straddled him. Nothing else mattered at this point except the two of us. I felt the smoothness of his actions, like he intentionally took his time so he wouldn't forget. Which compared to any other young man David's age, made no sense whatsoever. 18 year olds usually rip their pants off just getting atop a female. This was nothing of the sort. This boy had talent. He was going to make some woman very happy one day. Except this night. He was all mine.

“I'm going to love pulling that seed from your cock tonight,” I managed to say as his hands—again, found my ass. All he could do was moan once more. This was my cue.
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