A Tale of the Hobbits and One Lonely Dragon.

Based on some of the characters created by J. R. R. Tolkien.

Pages: 63
Language: English
Publication date: 25/06/2021
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Hobbits, as is well known, love to eat, and no hobbit could ever resist the smell of fish whether, roasted, grilled, fried, steamed, broiled, baked, sun-dried, pickled, or salted.
Now we all know about Smaug and Bilbo’s treasure, and about the ring wars, but what nobody knew, apart from Smaug himself, Smaug had a mate, and after his death and having no wings to search for another male, which would have been useless anyway, as Smaug was the last male dragon in Middle Earth, she withered away.
His mate pined away inside a huge cave beneath the Lonely Mountain, but not before laying a single egg that took the usual hundred odd years to hatch out, mainly because the egg contained a male dragon.
After hatching out, this dragon, (whom we shall name Gaug, for a reason we will discover later,) out of instinct naturally, took to feeding on fish - a dragon’s staple diet - from the underground river under the Lonely Mountain.
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About the Author
Rebecca-Angela Suljic-Taylor (pseudonym Ellen Elizabeth Dudley) a qualified Downes-Syndrome childcarer, lives with her husband and two small daughters in Germany, near the Dutch border, after co-writing and editing over ninety e-books and numerous paperbacks of different genres with her father. The genres are Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Science-Fiction-Fantasy, Crime Thrillers, Poems, and tales of the Holocaust.

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