About XinXii

XinXii is a Europe's leading indie eBook self-publishing and distribution platform

We empower authors to upload and sell their work online on their XinXii author page: short works, documents and books (as eBook or audiobook) - in multiple formats including PDF, ePub and mobi. As an aggregator, XinXii distributes to major international eBook retailers.

Indie authors and publishers benefit from:

  • staying independent: We don't require exclusive publishing / author contracts
  • publishing and making changes in real-time: blurbs, pricing, excerpts
  • our fair and global revenue model (no costs, no hidden fees)
  • our free high-quality conversion of eBooks into ePub and mobi format
  • our offer to distribute to major international eBook retailers such as Amazon, iBookstore and Kobo
  • receiving sales data immediately (consolidated sales reporting)
  • the global orientation of XinXii (e.g. managing the account and getting paid in EUR or USD)
  • the comfort of one single XinXii-account for everything: publishing eBooks in different languages, under different pen names, for different authors, and in multiple eBook-shops

For readers, XinXii offers a point of contact for anyone looking for non-mainstream titles in all categories and genres: for example, works of fiction by talented authors, guidebooks from experts, Excel tables from professionals, instructions for use from users, business plans or seminar documents.

All titles are ready for immediate purchase, and readable on any eReading device.

XinXii was the first platform of its kind that combines powerful real-time trading tools for self-publishers in the German-speaking area. Today, XinXii is the leading digital self-publishing and distribution platform in Europe. XinXii is available in 7 languages and 2 currencies. The company is based in Berlin/Germany.

The name "XinXii" derives from the Chinese xìnxī = Information

The Target Group

XinXii is the ideal platform for...

independent authors

  • who want to publish their work instantly on the Web
  • who want to sell their work on leading eBook shops around the world
  • who want to present themselves to a broad public
  • who don't find a publisher
  • who want feedback from readers

independent publishers

  • who are looking for an additional distribution channel for their eBooks or audio books


  • who want to discover new voices
  • who want to browse a huge variety of content
  • who want to download instantly (they can pay by PayPal or Creditcard)

XinXii brings indie authors, writers, publishing houses and readers together.

The Concept: One 4 All - One XinXii-account to publish and sell on major eBook retailers

With XinXii authors can self-publish their books and sell them on their XinXii author page: Using our simple publishing tools, all content on XinXii is uploaded and published by the authors themselves. Their work is integrated easily and within minutes on our professional marketplace - without any binding contract and at no cost. XinXii additionally offers to distribute eBooks to international retailers.

XinXii is an easy, fast and free solution to publish and sell eBooks around the world.

The titles: A wide range of eBooks and audiobooks from all categories and genres

  • Articles
  • Anecdotes
  • Building Plans
  • Business Plans
  • Case Studies
  • Checklists
  • Comics / Cartoons
  • College Theses
  • Corporate Presentations
  • eBooks
  • Excerpts
  • Exposés
  • Guidelines / Guidebooks
  • Instruction Manuals
  • Interviews
  • Lectures
  • Lyrics
  • Novels
  • Presentations
  • Poems
  • Reports
  • Statistics
  • Studies
  • Theses
  • Templates
  • Travelogues
  • ... and lots more

DRM-free eBooks

It has been observed by many that DRM does very little to prevent piracy: every secured eBook can be decoded by technical geeks within minutes. In our opinion, DRM is only a drawback for the honest users, who are forced to install second level programs to read their eBooks and are confused when they would like to read their newly bought thriller on their tablet instead of their desktop PC. That's why we don't add any DRM measures to "our" eBooks. In order to avoid unwanted distribution we limit the number of downloads of an eBook in case an account has gone wild and we also monitor the major exchange platforms.

XinXii is a service of the GD publishing house which is situated in Berlin/Germany.

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