Tara is a sport and nutrition fanatic and love challenges and food. There is nothing better than a great meal she says

With cooking she found a new passion but because of a illness she had to change my nutrition.

As everyone though she still liked cake, pizza and pasta. So she figured out a way to eat all this with not eating unhealthy at the same time. She created meals, which are healthy but still taste amazing so I'd never had to suffer cravings. Food should be fun and... Read more

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Cooking Extraordinary
Cooking Extraordinary
Great, healthy and delicous recipies. Easy to cook.  »more
Author: Tara Fischer | Category: Food & Drink » Healthy Eating (Textbook) | Views: 1498 | Sales Rank: - | Type: | Keywords: delicous, healthy, good, easy, simple, vegan, vegeterian [+]
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Date: 11/27/2016
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