Arise Crusader

Author: Val Jensen II
Pages: 280
Language: English
Publication date: 20.12.2018
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A forbidden relationship with a Jew forces a young ploughman, Anseau, into the service of a bishop. The bishop trains Anseau and sends him on a crusade to Jerusalem as a chronicler. After distinguishing himself in battle, however, Anseau finds a new role that ensnares him into the politics and subterfuge of an ill-fated campaign. To survive and return to his love, Anseau must fight friend and foe, ally with the most unlikely of companions, and lead a resistance against the formidable Sultan of Rûm.

“Archers to the front!” Godfrey ordered when he had returned from the short deliberation.
Over a thousand archers stepped through the ranks of cavalry and foot-soldiers to take their position within striking range of the town’s walls. Each man carried twenty arrows in hand and stuck them into the ground at their side. Boy runners were ready to retrieve more arrows from the arrow bags once the archers had spent their twenty.
“What in God’s name is Peter doing?” Anseau asked Sir Reinold.
“It appears we are preparing for war. The Lord must favor you, young sir.” Sir Reinold winked and slapped Anseau on the back.
“But our quarrel is with Saracens, not Christians.”
“Peter believes that we are God’s mighty hand of vengeance. We avenge what is unjust wherever we find it. The Hungarians’ disgrace cannot go unpunished.”
“This pleases you?”
“I would not have taken the cross if I did not think I was doing the will of God. I think the question is if it pleases you, young sir.”
Anseau thought about the question as he witnessed the beginnings of his first siege. He would have to relate in his chronicles that Peter’s first battle was against Christians and not Saracens. To Anseau, that was a disgrace. There must be ulterior reasons Peter had for attacking. He took out the silver cross around his neck and kissed it, wondering how many times his father had done something similar.

“1066 was a catalyst for Saxon and Norman alike: that fateful day in October upon that bloody battlefield affected the lives of many people in many ways, for many years. The People’s Crusade accompanies a cast of richly-woven, believable characters as they confront the moral dilemmas of conquest, and the conflict of religious faith. A thoughtfully written, intriguing novel.”—Helen Hollick: author of Harold the King (UK) / I Am the Chosen King (US)

“The People's Crusade is a fresh, interesting novel featuring a strong storyline and original characters that feel and act like real people.”—Publishers Weekly Booklife Prize

“Plenty of books have been written about the Crusades era… Few succeed in capturing the atmosphere and purpose of the times like The People's Crusade.”—D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review
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Vito Tomasino was just a boy when the bombs rained down on Pearl Harbor pulling America into WWII. As he watched the grim images of war flash before him in a darkened theater in Bellmore, L.I., he silently vowed to be in the next one. When his high school friends questioned his decision to join the Marines and go to Korea, he replied: “I don’t want anyone else doing my dying for me.”
He arrived in Korea only weeks before the truce was signed—time enough to get “shot at and missed,” he would say. His war over, he then pursued a boyhood dream of becoming a fighter pilot in the U.S. Air Force, flew two combat tours in Vietnam, and earned two Distinguished Flying Crosses. When he wasn’t getting shot at he stood nuclear alert on bases surrounding the old Soviet Union—a sobering reminder to the Kremlin of U.S. power.
When Muammar Gaddafi brought down the Senusi regime of King Idris, he was there, training the fighter pilots of the Libyan Air Force; one of whom was killed on a night mission over Tripoli. In a special ceremony honoring his fallen friend, the Libyan Commander insisted that Vito lead the "Missing Man Formation,” or it would not be flown. It is one of the many intriguing tales in his new book, Close Calls and Other Neat Stories.
Indeed, it was from a life lived during one the most tumultuous periods in recent times that inspired the author to chronicle his participation in those events while they were still fresh in his mind. Vito started his writing career rather late in life and has written three books, each in a different genre. Yet, each of them ring with the same authenticity… the same truth that could only come from a man who “walked” in that history.
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