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RECORDING METAL GUITARS? PRO SECRETS REVEALED. The book for every Metal Guitarist recording from home. Learn how to create KILLER guitar recordings today! 8 CHAPTERS & 27 PAGES OF PRO, TRIED AND TESTED KNOWLEDGE HYPERLINKS TO EASILY UNDERSTAN read more ...
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The world has many cities that due to their cultural, historical and political reasons have become symbolic. It is even sufficient to pronounce their names and people start recalling various associations creating distinct images of them. Shusha has a read more ...
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Fidan Əliyeva 1996-cı ildə Bakı şəhərində anadan olub. O, hal-hazırda Azərbaycan Diplomatik Akademiyasının “İctimayyətlə Əlaqələr” fakultəsinin tələbəsidir. Xüsusi rəssamlıq təhsili olmayan gənc rəssam ayrı-ayrı dövrlərdə Azərbaycan Memarlıq və İnşa read more ...
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Becoming the super singer is a step by step practical book designed for self teaching purpose. The purpose of this book is to give you a desired result at the end of your rehearsals. This book is 70 % practical and 30% theory. Results are gauran read more ...
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Art catalog of paintings and drawings by artist Aleksandr Vishnevetskiy with English translation of the author. Publisher and Project director: Vladimir Andreyev. Editors: Robert Rothchild, Ninel Vishnevetskaya, Vitaly Orlov, John Hull. Designers: Vl read more ...
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The book is all about what are anime and manga. Their history and evolution and differences between them are also shown. Some of the best current/upcoming Anime and Mangas are also discussed in the book. read more ...
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Paintings that I have been doing since my baptism
I think paintings are my best way to share with the world ,this album is about love and lost , seeking for freedom and true love . My grandfather is a famous chinese painter who dedicated his whole life in chinese painting , somehow in life , I found read more ...
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Chinese pirate DVD covers first came to the attention of Western audiences for the “Chinglish” content and the bizarre promotional and linguistic inaccuracies of the cover art. Amusing, out-of-place or irrelevant English decorating a cover which ha read more ...
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A contemporary film noir photo-montage from indie photographer Maarten van der Meer: a nocturnal journey through an urban landscape in stark black and white imagery. Dark City You gave me a tour in your city last night The city that never sle read more ...
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This is an open novel, for you to project your mind into. Every page is a stimulating field for your imagination. The images are raw scans of original pages made by me, using cheap acrylic paint on sheets of ordinary office paper. The pages were made read more ...
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Marco Bellochio’s film of Devil in the lesh proved one of the most controversial films of the mid-1980s. Updating the Raymond Radiguet novel to contemporary Italy in the grip of the Red Brigade terrorists, the film was an immediate talking point for read more ...
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The Ancestral dance of a sun centered liturgy
This work provides an explanation of essential aspects of Andean culture characterized by it dynamism. I have opted for presenting information from persons who live in the city of Cotacachi and who participated in the important task of recovering, va read more ...
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language: english/portuguese 114 pages 986 exercises edited in 2018 advanced level practice book for all instruments triads,triadic chromatic,triads pairs intervallic struture,II V I treble clef read more ...
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A book that explains the step by step drawing of the letters A-Z is easy to follow by the kids and very fun. As a medium for interaction between parent and child. A highly recommended book for children who want to learn to draw read more ...
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Tract: The Latter Rain
The Latter Rain is a powerful and prophetic song. What a great piece of worship. God is a Spirit and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth. Here a powerful worship tract in French & English by A.N. This song will catapult yo read more ...
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