Disposable Horror Culture of the 1960s & 1970s

Author: World Headpress
Pages: 224
Language: English
Publication date: 06/04/2017
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So Many Bad Films, So Few Brain Cells
Two glorious decades of low-budget monster movies, horror comicbooks, glow-in-the-dark model kits, sci-fi trading cards, television horror show hosts, 8mm film reels and more! From low-budget horror films to grisly comic art, from lurid movie magazines to late-night creature features, from campy monster toys to exploitive poster art, Trashfiend takes a loving look at 'disposable' horror culture from the 1960s and 1970s. Packed with reviews, trivia, rare illustrations, exhaustive technical information, and written with a humorous but insightful flair that is sure to engage both hardcore fans and the curious alike, author Scott Stine picks up where his self-published Trashfiend magazine left off for a fun, albeit critical look at an often overlooked genre that is considered trash! Includes over a hundred reproductions of rare ad art, as well as vintage books, toys and magazines from the era, with eight pages of glorious, garish color.



'An admirable job...he seems to be having fun while simultaneously offering some judicious, clear-headed criticism of a group of films whose delights and flaws he knows and catalogs.' -- Video Watchdog

'Bursting with information, opinion and trivia...impeccably researched.' -- Film Review

'Recommended.' -- Booklist



Scott Stine is an unrepentant film geek who has been self-publishing magazines devoted to horror films for over twenty years, as well as collecting all things pre-1980 horror. In his perpetual defense, Mr Stine adheres to his trademarked adage of 'So Many Bad Films, So Few Brain Cells.'
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Headpress is a UK based book publisher established in 1991, specialising in pop culture.

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