Aleksandr Vishnevetskiy Art Catalog

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Publication date: 24/06/2020
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Art Catalog of paintings and drawings by Aleksandr Vishnevetskiy
Art catalog of paintings and drawings by artist Aleksandr Vishnevetskiy with English translation of the author. Publisher and Project director: Vladimir Andreyev. Editors: Robert Rothchild, Ninel Vishnevetskaya, Vitaly Orlov, John Hull. Designers: Vladimir Andreyev, Victoria Shishkina. Photographer: Vladimir Andreyev. (In three parts)
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Colors of the world and beyond

Robert Harris Rothchild, Art Collector, Art Historian, Art Connoisseur

Aleksandr Vishnevetskiy is an artistically talented individual who enjoys both writing poetry and creating visually beautiful paintings. The artist likes to intermix his poetry with his visual art in his catalogues. He was born in Kiev in the Ukraine, but he has been residing in the United States for the past 28 years. He currently lives happily with his family in New Jersey.

Mr. Vishnevetskiy enjoys thinking about, talking about and especially the process of creating, his paintings. This joy of painting is evidenced in most of the artist’s work by the heavy emphasis on the texture of the paint, the prominence of the brushwork, the intermingling of brilliant colors in his palettes, and the lavish use of the color gold in many of the paintings.

Important artistic influences are discovered when we examine Mr. Vishnevetskiy art. Gustav Klimt and his prolific use of the color gold is referenced, but perhaps even more important are Klimt’s flattening of the picture space, mosaic-like deco­rative backgrounds, overall abstraction of forms, and the contrasting of a more realistically rendered face with the very elaborate decorative backgrounds. Each of these characteristics are exhibited in various paintings by Mr. Vishnevetskiy; he often paints a face or a body with thinner paint and flatter brushwork in contrast to the heavy impasto and energetic brush strokes surrounding the face or form.

Aleksandr Vishnevetskiy art is characterized by a predominant tendency towards the abstraction of form and space and by the use of a prevalent energetic textural brush stroke. Mr. Vishnevetskiy subject matter encompasses landscapes, floral and other still life pictures, colorful non-representational pictures, abstract figural paint­ings, and other abstract pictures.

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