Shred on Your Guitar Like a Demi-God

A Cheat Sheet Book to Maximize Guitar Practicing, Guitar Lessons, and

Author: Tommy Gordon
Pages: 73
Language: English
Publication date: 01/08/2016
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A book to help guitarists practice better and make faster progress
The All-Styles Guitar Player’s Guide to Simplified Practicing and Study
Whether you’re a musician taking lessons or completely self-taught, this is the book that helps you simplify your music by changing your attitude about guitar lessons and practicing. You can’t achieve ultimate mastery of your instrument without rethinking the way you practice, jam, or rehearse your music. Whether you play solo, or with a band, this is a quick read that every guitarist needs, and it complements other music instruction and guitar music books.

Learn to Quickly Shred Your Complete Fretboard with Ninja Arpeggios and Permutations

This is an HONEST guitar music guide with takeaways for absolute beginners and for seasoned pros. The principal guitar practice technique presented in the book is applied to all the music that you’re already playing or writing, and is not about creating separate abstract exercises. The Ninja Arpeggios and Permutation exercises will have you completely shredding across your fretboard in no time, especially once you become more efficient with your practice time.
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Ready to play music at a moments notice, Tommy Gordon started writing books just to get some of his ideas down on paper. He thought that would make them easier to share with others... and now he really enjoys writing too! His first book for kindle, SHRED ON YOUR GUITAR LIKE A DEMI-GOD is for those players who need help maximizing their practicing time, rehearsals, and jam sessions. His new SONGWRITING book is also available online.

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