Author's commission rate: This is how much you earn with XinXii

Option A

You sell your eBook through your author page on XinXii

With us you can determine the price of your eBook yourself - and thus your commission rate as well. From each sale of your eBook through your XinXii Author page, you receive:

  • 70% of net sales
    for works with a price greater than EUR 2.94  (and its equivalent in USD)
  • 40% of net sales
    for works with a price at or between EUR 0.99 and EUR 1.98  (and its equivalent in U$D and GBP)

Option B

You sell your eBook through your author page on XinXii and additionally on leading eBook shops worldwide

We deliver your eBook additionally to big eBook shops such as Amazon, Kobo or Apple's iBookstore. Please check the information page in the "My XinXii > Manage Uploads"-section for the specific royalties on sales transacted via XinXii distribution partners. Generally, we pass on up to 85% of the amount, that we receive from them, to the author.

XinXii royalties* are "net royalties"

The "net sales" is equal to the eBook's net sales price (= sales price excl. VAT). We do not reduce royalties by fees or costs such as payment processing fees (by PayPal e.g.), retailer discounts, costs due to erroneous or fraudulent transactions or credit card charge-backs. 

* Although we say "royalties" for the sake of simplicity, payments to authors in the eyes of the IRS are "other income."

Payment of your royalties

To receive your royalties, you can choose between PayPal or Bank Transfer. Please note, that we perform transactions via Bank Transfer only in the European currency zone and in Euro (more information: SEPA).

Once the minimum amount of EUR 20.00 (~ US$ 27.00) has been confirmed, you can request the payment by click. The amount will then be paid at the end of the following month after being requested. You can calculate here currency and foreign exchange rates, using live mid-market rates.

A real advantage on XinXii: On XinXii, authors can choose the currency, in which they want to manage their XinXii-account (that means the currency in which sales prices are settled and transactions of revenues are made): US-Dollar Euro. Example: If you select US-Dollar, your royalties will be paid by us in US-Dollar (w/o conversion).

At XinXii, an American author is not asked to give a tax ID number, just name and address.

XinXii is 100% FREE

If you want to publish your work and make it available for purchase, there is no fee! We do not even reduce the royalties by transaction fees e.g., and there are even no fees charged to host the document.

Traditional fees / costs:    do not exist at XinXii

Signup:    free

Admission Fee :     -

Delivery Fee :     free

Service Charge :     -

Conversion into ePub :     -

Payment processing fees :      -

Retailer discounts :     -

Credit card charge-backs:     -

Publishing :     free

Webhosting Fee :     free

Webspace :     free, unlimited

Transaction Fee     -

No contract duration, no exclusivity

There is no contract duration: the "Delete"-button will allow you to easily remove your title from XinXii whenever you want to. And there are no exclusivity agreements when you publish a title on XinXii: publish it wherever you want.

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