Beneath the Artic Ice

Author: HG Winter
Pages: 98
Language: English
ISBN: 9781612103006
Publication date: 14/11/2015
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Seed of the Arctic Ice and Under Arctic Ice by HG Winter
Seed of the Arctic Ice and Under Arctic Ice by HG Winter together in one ebook


Sleepily the lookout stared at the scope-screen before him, wishing for something that would break the monotony of the scene it pictured: the schools of ghostly fish fleeting by, the occasional shafts of pale sunlight filtering down through breaks in the ice-floes above, the long snaky ropes of underwater growth. None of this was conducive to wakefulness; nor did the half-speed drone of the electric engines aft and the snores of some distant sleeper help him. The four other men on duty in the submarine--the helmsman; the second mate, whose watch it was; the quartermaster and the second engineer--might not have been present, so motionless and silent were they.

The lookout man stifled another yawn and glanced at a clock to see how much more time remained of his trick. Then suddenly something on the screen brought him to alert attention. He blinked at it; stared hard--and thrilled.

Far ahead, caught for an instant by the submarine Narwhal's light-beams, a number of sleek bodies moved through the foggy murk, with a flash of white bellies and an easy graceful thrust of flukes.

The watcher's hands cupped his mouth; he turned and sang out:

'K-i-i-ll-ers! I see killers!'

The cry rang in every corner, and immediately there was a feverish response. Rubbing their eyes, men appeared as if from nowhere and jumped to posts; with a clang, the telegraph under the second mate's hand went over to full speed; Captain Streight rolled heavily out of his bunk, flipped his feet mechanically into sea-boots and came stamping forward. First Torpooner Kenneth Torrance, as he sat up and stretched, heard the usual crisp question:

'Where away?'

'Five points off sta'b'd bow, sir; quarter-mile away; swimming slow.'

'How large a school?'

'Couldn't say, sir. Looks around a dozen.'

'Whew!' whistled Ken Torrance. 'That's a strike!' He pulled on a sweater and strode forward to the scope-screen to see for himself, even as Captain Streight, all at once testy with eagerness, bawled:

'Sta'b'd five! Torpoon ready, Mister Torrance! Mister Torr--oh, here you are. Take a look.'
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