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Publication date: 10/07/2011
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A new “work/book” Craig is currently writing.
A new “work/book” Craig is currently writing.
I don’t know how the story will end, but I do know how it all began…

''The Journey' entails a man or woman confronted with reversals, difficulties or tragedy, but who through courage and perseverance confronts each of these in turn and overcomes them.

At each step the hero ascends to a higher level of wisdom or maturity, until by the completion of the journey, she or he has reached some state of equilibrium, an accommodation with life, a sense of serenity or acceptance. Or NOT!'

- fine words on writing by John Cranna (Founder of the Creative Hub* and AUT Centre for Modern Writing)

* Web site: http://www.thecreativehub.net.nz/page/tutors_and_workshop_leaders.html

and like John, Craig too loves to write about similar uplifting, empowering and inspiring themes in his various books.

'The characters seem to represent the virtues and the resilience of the ‘little’ people, a story (or stories) to which we can all relate. In essence it’s about hope and faith: a tale (and tales) of the unquenchable spirit of tenacity in battling on, no matter what are our circumstances. And then eventually finding a way, a pathway to overcome personal adversity … and to ultimately succeed in glorious triumph.”

An 'ordinary' mum, and as a part-time nurse, a person deeply concerned about humanity.

The African famine of 2011.

Wants to help, but doesn't know WHAT to do? Would perhaps even volunteer if she didn't have a young family to look after.
“She seems to represent the virtues and the resilience of the little people, the spirit of battling on, no matter what your circumstances are and ultimately finding your way.'

Expand your sense of possibility. Lord, lift our eyes a little higher.

Our ideals - those virtues like courage (and grace under pressure, fire), integrity, honour and justice, and especially truth and integrity, largely define who we are and the way we live.

A TALE OF TWO CITIES (from Stirling)
Cape Town and “Sleepy Hollow”

“And at the end of all our exploring will be to know the place for the first time.”

The Grand Prix champion:
See The Ayrton Senna Foundation For Education

YOU must be the change you want in the world.

Every great journey starts with a single step - YOU!

From thegrandprize.wordpress.com

'I press towards the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.'
- Phil 3:14 (New King James version)
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