Queen Victoria’s Lovers

Erotomania & Fantasy

Author: Fred Vermorel
Pages: 152
Language: English
Publication date: 05/03/2014
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Young Queen Victoria became a sex symbol, but attracted stalkers in her life.
The young Queen Victoria was a potent sex symbol, attracting outlandish fantasists. She also attracted stalkers and other unwanted attention seekers. The Victorian Press sardonically dubbed such people “Victoria’s lovers.” Victorian psychiatrists labelled them, “erotomaniacs.” Drawing on original and untapped sources this book tells their unexpurgated stories.

It includes the tale of Captain Jonathan Childe of the Royal Horse Guards, who bombarded Victoria with outrageously pornographic love letters. These letters “greatly annoyed” Prince Albert and led to frantic meetings at the highest levels of the British state. They are published here for the first time.

The book also compares Victoria’s Lovers to the modern cult of Diana-mania.


i-D Magazine: “Fred Vermorel is a brilliantly scornful and scathingly funny writer.” -- Toronto Star: “There were some bits that were so sick I had to read them three times.” -- London Review of Books: “Beautiful and worrying.” -- Centre Press, France: “Reads like a thriller.” -- London Evening Standard: “Extraordinary… pornographic.”-- The Spectator: “A deeply shocking book, an outrage, a scandal.”-- Les Nouvelles littéraires: “Absolutely astonishing... a real work of history...”
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Fred relaxes in the back garden of Kate Moss's country house at Little Faringdon, in the Cotswolds, while researching his 2007 biography of the supermodel.

Fred Vermorel has written many best-selling non-fiction books. He is best known for his controversial “anti-biographies” of pop icons ranging from the Sex Pistols to Vivienne Westwood to Kate Moss. He has equally pioneered the in-depth study of celebrity and fan cultures. Awarded a PhD for his work in 2011, Fred lectures widely on cultural history and research technique. He lives in London and Paris.

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