I'LL DO IT MY WAY (An Autobiography)

MY STORY: Just the real story of my rather eventful life.

Author: Craig Lock
Pages: 207
Language: English
Publication date: 23/02/2011
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As my dear mother once said, “I’ve been riding the rapids of life...'


I don't know why 'the hell' I am writing this story of my life; because probably nobody will believe it, but my friends (who are a motley collection of out of the ordinary crazy individuals, as opposed to my dear wife's rather 'straight-laced' friends) have suggested that this account of my life could be a hilarious best seller. We shall see!
I am writing these first words on a Jumbo jet bound for New Zealand... and who knows what! I am a 39 year old male, who has been working in Cape Town as the Life Manager of a dynamic insurance brokerage, marking time to join my wife, Marie and twin sons, Gareth and Sean in New Zealand. They have gone there 6 weeks ago on our second immigration to NZ (4th actually in 4 years...so we have had plenty of practice runs). We are going there for a dull stable life of bottling jams, pickling bums, er sorry buns and especially picking noses and endless cups of tea (as my dear mother says, all Kiwis do that - pick their noses, except for “straight” Round Tablers and Rotarians, who don’t do it at functions!). So I guess I’ll have to learn how to pick my nose to be accepted In “Godzone”. Please excuse my dear “crazy” wife (must have got the “bug” from your author, but indeed she has a heart of gold.
RIP our chaotic crazy existence so far.
I think that I have always been a bit different to the 'normal run of the mill sort of person'; so let's start at the beginning and maybe we can understand why my life has been waylaid (and I have been laid) by many tributaries off the beaten track.
I am now starting this account of my life on an aeroplane heading for the other side of the planet: the idyllic South Pacific islands of New Zealand to rejoin my family there and a new future. What will happen to me and my family there? We shall see...

October 1989...high up in the sky

As my dear mother once said, “I’ve been riding the rapids of life in all my years”; so now its rather nice to be becalmed here in these calm waters. Yes, here in the haven and at the same time, the harbour of “Sleepy Hollow”, we are sheltered from the storms of life. And this is the reason why I have been able to write so prolifically. Something that I like very much and a craft that gives me great satisfaction.
Though I don’t know why the story of my “insignificant little life” should be so interesting as to have written a book about it. However, my dear wife, Marie said that it may be fascinating and inspirational to others! She also said it might HELP other people having a battle in the “game of life”.

I really don’t know about all that. I think I’m really quite an “ordinary bloke”. Anyway, whatever the “boss” says, gets done. . So here is my story, true “ekse”…
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