it does matter

From Milk Delivery Boy to Chairman and CEO

Author: mr alex online
Pages: 197
Language: English
ISBN: 9789925577880
Publication date: 24/03/2020
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Leaders are never self-appointed - they are only ever followed.
This memoir demonstrates how the path to Leadership is neither straight nor easy. Alex’s method of uncovering
the secrets of Leadership is through telling his real-life stories from more than 50 years business experience.
The values that are essential for all Leaders have changed little over the years, and ‘it does matter’ highlights the importance of hard work, focus, sacrifice and commitment that differentiates Leaders from followers.
This memoir serves as an excellent resource for present and future Leaders.
Alex's reflections and advice covers the highs and lows of Leadership and how he learnt from the many great Leaders he worked for and with. Learn how he won a large contract with IBM, only to find out that his Board would not support Alex's expansion plans - he did it anyway - and created the world's first 'virtual' factory. Named as one of the Top 20 European Market Makers - Alex went on to become CEO (UK) and drive change in an industry facing collapse. This story will inspire present and future leaders to keep going and as Alex says - "just pretend you are made of rubber - you will bounce back even higher!"
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Alex left school aged 15, led a strike aged 22 and turned his first business around aged 28. He led the transformation of a state-owned printer into one of the Group’s most profitable Divisions, and secured a £700m long term contract with BT. Alex led IBM’s first-ever PC clone launch and created an innovative product fulfillment process which collapsed the industry’s product time-to-market. He was selected as one of Europe’s Top 20 European Market Makers by Computer Reseller News.
When his Chicago Head Office refused permission to build a PC fulfillment centre, Alex set it up anyway, creating the first ever ‘Virtual’ factory, resulting in the creation of 600 new jobs in Scotland and the USA.
When the Chairman discovered what Alex had done, he promoted him to CEO (UK).
When Alex tried to buy the UK business, he was fired.
So he moved to Poland and led the turnaround of a large Polish business, resulting in a successful shareholder exit within three years.
Alex rose from Milk Delivery Boy to Chairman and CEO - in just 35 years! He has lived and worked in Scotland, England,Wales,South Africa, Zambia, Netherlands, USA, Poland, Hungary and Cyprus. He enjoys helping people interested in overcoming business issues, quickly and decisively.
Alex lives in Cyprus, the sunshine island, with his wife Jennifer and their beagle ‘dug’ milo.

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