Nothing without you

Catharsis' diary

Author: Justine Magbual
Pages: 20
Language: English
Publication date: 13/04/2020
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Recollection un edited for my mental health
Mom was sick with cancer and before she passed away she had dreamt of me drowning in the ocean, she said that I was getting clobbered by the waves as I drifted further and further out until she could not see me anymore. She was terrified of what my life would become of me. In time I figured out what was meant by the dream she had and how symbolic it was for her to see what in reality it really means. How I would theoretically drown to the bottom of the ocean and that her worries will only be validated when she leaves this earth.
This is the story of Justines Life. An autobiography.
I only remember when I was about 4 years old. During that time me and my family were living in Riverside CA in a place they call mockingbird canyon.
It all started when I was in grade school. I hated math and I hated going to school. There was a teacher that always seemed to care a tad much more than I anticipated. As my mom was sick during that time I bought Mrs. Allen the teacher that cared so much more than I had anticipated a box of chocolate for her birthday. She wrote me a postcard saying that she was thankful for the gesture and that she hopes that me and my older brother Miles were going to be ok.
My mom passed away in 97 from breast cancer. I remember getting the news when I was sleeping over at my Aunts house in Long Beach. I had returned to school with puffy eyes, not knowing how to tie up my hair. My dad had put it up in a sloppy ponytail. I looked a hot mess for quite a while and got in trouble for zoning out. I would just stare into a oblivion. I don’t remember doing that until someone like Mrs. Allen would snap at me and say, "Hey, hey Justine pay attention and read along with us your next to read".
I was in her Broadway Musical, Mrs. Allen was the director and I had a hard time applying makeup as I was only in 5th grade. Everyone else had their Moms prep them for the show but I had no mom to help me with the makeup part. The was this lady and I can’t recall her name but
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