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American War Heroes Killed My Girl
This is a serious request pleading for public support and from president Trump to stop a real threat to myself and several other witnesses which resulted in the murder of my child and nearly I already, which involved State Department officers and fol read more ...
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Volumes I and II
The Lives of the Twelve Caesars by 2nd Century Roman historian Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus is our key primary source for biographical information of the first twelve rulers of ancient Rome - Emperors Julius Caesar, Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claud read more ...
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For Ordinary Poor South Africans
The impact of apartheid on people was both negative and positive, just as the New South Africa also has its positive and negative impacts. Many do not know the difference between the two governments. Some of us were poor and neglected during apa read more ...
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Fujimori represents the determination and diligence of Japanese or Asian migrants in their host countries and he is a bridge between two cultures, East and West. This book also takes an interesting look at the personal and political life of Presid read more ...
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Las Vegas Mayor, Feds, Lawyers and Criminals
The Academy Award goes to Oscar Goodman. In the film about Las Vegas, he is the main character. Each story insists on a protagonist with personality. Greek poets used to refer to as the “protagonistes” as the primary. The chief actors amongst actors read more ...
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or at least a slightly more peaceful world
MY PASSION FOR PEACE.. or at least a slightly more peaceful world A collection of craig’s writings on the “pursuit of peace” and “possibilities for peace” Craig’s various books are at Key words (tags) Books, S read more ...
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'The Bridge-builder abnd Reconciliator'
THE SOUTH AFRICAN DREAM : LONG WALK TO FREEDOM AND PEACE: THE 'BRIDGE-BUILDER, THE RECONCILIATOR ,' Tags (key words): South Africa, dream, dreams, my young dream, 'Long Walk to Freedom and Peace', Craig Lock, hope, New books, soccer, Web sites: ht read more ...
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Memories of a Tower Rat
The year is 1986. The Cold War is five years from its end bringing a close to a nearly fifty year standoff between the United States and the USSR. The Soviet Union is outraged over a large number of Pershing missiles being kept in West Germany. Presi read more ...
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