The Final Sin

The Age of Truth, thus Begins

Author: Anand Madhu
Pages: 46
Language: English
Publication date: 01/12/2017
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How the Steam-punks saved the world, with the help of Kronos, Zeus, Gaea et al.
How the Steam-punks (like me, the 'baron pampa' consolidator*) saved the world with the help of Gaea, Kronos, Zeus et al.

* Steam needs the 'consolidator', the rare such gamer head and shoulders and undeniably ahead of contenders,

* See, if there are merely many good players of similar skill,

that region can become an area ripe for clam infestation and the wrong type of pro gamer (prostitute gamer).

a clam-multiplying nightmare for Steam.

Well, I'm a consolidator whose sweep was... very huge... yuo see, that's why he called me a 'legend' I guess.

You know the true legends are (the friends of) Zeus, Kronos, Gaea, Lela, and the talking orange...

I'm just one of these people, we are the Steam-punks, and thus the Age of truth and logic has arrived, yay

In the consolidator's name/banner...
unfolds, a rally of the field crew (Steam-punks, who're anti-capitalist/'anti'-clam thus pro-life)...

(Well, that consolidation is over: 'Steam rejects bitcoin'

And that is how the world was saved from domination by lazy elites having surplus of resources).

The whole story, which began many millenniums ago -- well, this book is about all that. It's a text reader accompanying my documentary 'Die Welträtsel' (scheduled to be released in early 2018).

So merely 1 small part of this book, is my story as a professional gamer,

who was also a steam-punk (my only machinery being the Personal Computer).... set in the historical context....
thus, rich with insight.

It describes how the work done by Feanor, Alexander* et al. finally added up until in our times, with the help of Zeus, I could kick down the final door -- to do it even while avoiding power zones (thus avoiding the Pindus trap, which always resulted in death for unfortunate DEATH).

* Alexander was insightfully a Pindus type himself, as the son of Philip the Macedonian (the people of Makednos) and a snake priestess being his mother... so his assassination can be called something one could predict. A bit lesser known is how his teacher Aristotle also had his life taken from him, but Aristotle was put to death for another reason ... apparently, he attracted the wrath of the Gods. Don't know his specific error (maybe he was a Prometheus kind of guy), but that he promoted linear thinking (the ridiculous Aristotlean syllogism) -- that itself was a very bad thing to do, in how that legitimized zombie mentality (described in the book).
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Took me many years to understand, I\'ll reveal all things to you...

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