Where the River Meets the Sea

An oral history of growing up in the wild King Country of New Zealand

Author: Jane Wilks
Pages: 37
Language: English
Publication date: 24/08/2015
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A fascinating look a tgrowing up during the Great Depression in New Zealand
Where the river meets the sea is an oral history of growing up in the wild King Country of New Zealand during the great Depression.
Imagine living off the land and the sea, as one of eleven children in a family growing up in rural New Zealand. It was a time of hardship as with many others during the world wide Great Depression.
Grace at ninety-two years of age, is the story teller of her early life. Her character and humour shines through in this humble and interesting account.
The story of her childhood reflects a different world when life was a lot simpler. Food was harvested from the land and the sea and put straight onto the table.
A recipe for her “famous” mussel fritters is given at the end of this book for the reader to enjoy.
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Jane Wilks is an established author and lives in New Zealand with her husband and family. As owner of aromatic oils company Herb Heaven, she has written several books on oils, scent and herbs.

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