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My Minecraft Build Ideas 1. Auto Smelter 2. Pirate Ship 3. Bridges 4. Bunk Bed 5. Dam 6. Wooden Dojo 7. Ferris Wheel 8. Garden 9. Tree 10. Cars 11. Hotel 12. Sea Town 13. Pixel Art 14. Pyramid 15. Stone Statues 16. Watchtower 17. Tru read more ...
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The Journey of a Jamaican Dreamer
A Though Act to Follow is the plight of one man’s adventure through life until age 92. In his twenties, he immigrated from Jamaica to America. Joseph relates his story historically, religiously, and philosophically. He was versatile in many areas as read more ...
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Simone Bica, Jornalista, Escritora, psicanalista E gastronoma em formação. Mulher, negra, não muçulmana vivendo em um Continente permeado de conflito. Como você imagina esta crônica ? Leia a obra e converse com autora em sua rede social @ read more ...
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Two Souls’ Journey in Two Cities and Beyond
Carol’s Lives: Two Soul’s Journey in Two Cities and Beyond is a memoir with three storylines but with the same two souls - in the 1920s of New York City, in the new century of Vancouver, how they have met, how they meet again, and how hypnotic trance read more ...
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an Illustrated Memoir of Life in Coober Pedy 1958-1980
THE FIRST eMEMOIR OF ACTUAL LIFE IN THE OPAL MINING CAPITAL OF THE WORLD: COOBER PEDY, SOUTH AUSTRALIA One of the original miners of the wild, frontier opal mining community of Coober Pedy, South Australia recollects life in the town during its he read more ...
13.28 €
Classified, edited and compiled version of virtual anthology with more than 300 names and links to internet pages plus historical information of related countries. This virtual version of anthology based on available information on Internet with requ read more ...
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ALI KEITA still serving his punishment in prison, in Indonesia. He managed to write his own autobiography on his phone and publish it, respectively, on several online book stores. Warning! This book contains shocking pictures and situations,+18. read more ...
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Catharsis' diary
Mom was sick with cancer and before she passed away she had dreamt of me drowning in the ocean, she said that I was getting clobbered by the waves as I drifted further and further out until she could not see me anymore. She was terrified of what my l read more ...
15.94 €
From Tragedy to Hope
This is Jessica’s story. It’s the story of an unforeseen battle that few know about, the greatest tragedy to befall any mother. Jessica Varian, who at the time was recently born again, lost her son. Although it reads as a novel, but this is a real li read more ...
6.19 €
From Milk Delivery Boy to Chairman and CEO
This memoir demonstrates how the path to Leadership is neither straight nor easy. Alex’s method of uncovering the secrets of Leadership is through telling his real-life stories from more than 50 years business experience. The values that are essent read more ...
12.99 €
A motivational biography book about Kasanya Chavula (the author) who in spite of growing up in Africa and has been plagued with H.I.V and his close call with death has risen above all standards and is proclaiming the word of God not just to his peers read more ...
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The Ten Business Success Commandments
John Davison Rockefeller, the black gold magnate, was the first billionaire of his time and was known for his self-image and innovative organizational tactics. He built his industrial and business empire using disciplined strategies that were ahead o read more ...
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The 21 Secrets Of Success In Business
Have you ever wanted to know why some people live a life of wealth and abundance, while most struggle financially? Are there qualities, characteristics, and traits wealthy people share in common, that the vast majority don't have or don't ever develo read more ...
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Growing up with Workin parents,a thug for a big brother and get the picture.THE STREETS IS read more ...
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This book will make you laugh and it will also provide insight into what makes him tick. Once you start reading this book, not only will you finish it in one sitting but you will want to read excerpts to all your friends. read more ...
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Being loved and being cared
Back to 2015 Summer , I lost a child of mine ,the suffering was too huge to be healed by medicine or just words . This dog Blessing ( chinese named sounds like "life ") came to my life ,and cured the coldness between me and my family ,and also ha read more ...
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A historic narrative of an authentic life
The content of this book aims to serve as a remembrance for the young generations, those which society is currently failing in its accountability, to educate and tender for objectively, towards the relief of their myriads of mental health struggles. read more ...
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The Dreyfus affair was a political scandal that shook France around 1900. To this day, this affair is an example of miscarriage of justice and anti-Semitism. Alfred Dreyfus was a French army captain of Jewish descent who was accused of handing over read more ...
2.99 €
With the same biting honesty and a bit more poise, Runyaro Brilliant chronicles her life as a musician, fashion designer and now author - utilizing her testimony to help others learn how to overcome the obstacles of life to achieve a higher level of read more ...
8.85 €
A Preacher's Daughter Becomes a Spiritual Master
Acharya is the story of a young woman's journey from growing up as a Baptist Preacher’s Daughter and All American Athlete into a Spiritual Leader and Enlightened Master. Kathy’s life has been one of incredible ups and downs. There was a time when she read more ...
6.49 €
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