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The Multiverse of Michael Moorcock
“This new book, the latest Moorcockian meteorite to flash across the heavens, is a timely reminder of the scope, depth, heart and magnificence of an author with numerous readers, bright-eyed fans, global correspondents, but far less mainstream acknow read more ...
11.85 €
A summer night, June 12th, 2014, three Israeli adolescents returning home after attending their religious studies are kidnapped by Arab Palestinian terrorists on a bus stop in an area historically known as Judea and Samaria, crib to the Hebraic Cultu read more ...
11.99 €
From Milk Delivery Boy to Chairman and CEO
This memoir demonstrates how the path to Leadership is neither straight nor easy. Alex’s method of uncovering the secrets of Leadership is through telling his real-life stories from more than 50 years business experience. The values that are essent read more ...
12.99 €
an Illustrated Memoir of Life in Coober Pedy 1958-1980
THE FIRST eMEMOIR OF ACTUAL LIFE IN THE OPAL MINING CAPITAL OF THE WORLD: COOBER PEDY, SOUTH AUSTRALIA One of the original miners of the wild, frontier opal mining community of Coober Pedy, South Australia recollects life in the town during its he read more ...
13.28 €
Catharsis' diary
Mom was sick with cancer and before she passed away she had dreamt of me drowning in the ocean, she said that I was getting clobbered by the waves as I drifted further and further out until she could not see me anymore. She was terrified of what my l read more ...
15.94 €
How to become… a Saint
Saint Johnny Walker’s “How to… Become a Saint” Based on a true story Hi there… I’m Saint Johnny Walker, (SJW) the author; And YES, I am a REAL Saint; at least that is what people around my life address me as; The story in this book is one o read more ...
17.00 €
Simone Bica, Jornalista, Escritora, psicanalista E gastronoma em formação. Mulher, negra, não muçulmana vivendo em um Continente permeado de conflito. Como você imagina esta crônica ? Leia a obra e converse com autora em sua rede social @ read more ...
20.00 €
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