Bird Poop Farang Smile/s

Secrets of the White Devil Barbarians

Author: Hugh Watson
Pages: 411
Language: English
ISBN: 9786162222368
Publication date: 27/07/2013
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Secrets of the White Devil Barbarians There are many smiles and now readers can
Secrets of the White Devil Barbarians
There are many smiles and now readers can examine the Barbarian smile/s at the end of each chapter. This work is a continuing look at the ups and downs of modernization in Thailand. Said progress makes Thailand one of the better choices for expat residence. The reason so far has been high-tech and low prices. This is a heady mix and attracts many foreigners even for medical care. As things change quickly, especially in Bangkok, it is good to have frequent updates as to the people, culture and events. The Smile/s books aim at analysis and humor at the same time. In the beginning with Siam Smile/s the focus was mainly on Thais and their bags of tricks. The effort was to give foreigners a clue as to what to expect through comical situations. However, after assiduously studying local people, it finally comes about that the Barbarians, those wonderful Western visitors, are worthy of a good look as well. The result has been a succinct glimpse of how simple European-US people have a difficult time with the basics of complexThai culture. At the same time, Thais wedged into their modality bio-stasis have no idea about the Barbarians visitors or of their cultures. At times it nearly causes vertigo to spot Thais doing Mental Erase to things they don’t like and foreigners going toe-to-toe with them using denial. Most humorous of all is when Thais and Barbarians simultaneously dodge reality. Reality is the serious Adult world not the denial, pretending and dodging that many Thais and aliens engage in every day. It is, hence, interesting that Buddhism is actually about facing and dealing with daily life, karma, and a wakeup call: Did the teller at the bank just short-change you? Unfortunately, this boils down to epistemologist Piaget’s level 3 cognition: this is the bastion of many Asians and an increasing mass of Westerners. Level 3 is fine and civilization from this level thinking but it is child cognition, age 11-12. Adult Cognition level 4 deals with real problems and is the domain of a very few. This is the world of logic, sequence, conceptualization, hypothesis, synthesis, and activation. For those who want to leap cognition and stasis barriers, there is another obstacle. It is called the world drop in testosterone. Hence, it might be impossible to make a fist much less jump a cultural barrier. All of this points to a planetary meltdown and human IQ in the West down many points. In the end, Bird Poop Farang Smile/s is a kind of manual for those who appreciate cultural tools and are ready to have a good laugh.
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Hugh Watson lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand.

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