Book Marketing: Social Media Marketing for Authors - Increase your Visibility to Sell more eBooks

Social Media Marketing for Authors - or: How Authors can use Social Media to market their works*

* In the following, the term Book Marketing refers to all kinds of written works from printed books to eBooks, audiobooks, documents, forms, samples...

Here you'll find tips, advice and inspirations on how to publish and market your book: How to increase your visibility on the web, how to promote your titles and to develop relationships with potential readers, key influencers and other authors. But even authors who aren't still using XinXii may find useful information. We focus on easy, free and effective online book marketing ideas.


  •  Author Badges Promoting your eBooks on your website or blog and link to your XinXii author page
  •  XinXii Author Page Optimize your own author page at XinXii
  •  Book Trailer Using YouTube for your book marketing
  •  Coupon Codes Offer your eBook as an exclusive free download
  •  Offline Book Marketing Sascha Lobo, Yoshi & Co. 
  •  Pinterest A picture says more than 1,000 words...
  •  Press Release Informing media about your eBook
  •  Social Bookmarks Bookmark your eBook on MisterWong & Co.
  •  Social Networks Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn & Co.
  •  Social News Write about your eBook on digg, reddit, Stumble Upon & Co.
  •  Tips by Experts
  •  Twitter for authors, writers and publishers
  •  WiseStamp Empower your eMail signature and link to your XinXii author page

By the way: This area is alive - it's expanded and updated continously with your help. Reports, new tips and feedback are greatly appreciated. Please leave a comment and we will update the topic accordingly. So it's worth stopping by every now and then :-)

Before we start by introducing XinXii, one small word of advice: The wealth of information should inspire and not confuse and overwhelm. We recommend to read and apply one category by week.

Welcome to XinXii

XinXii enables every author, writer and publisher to self-publish his publications online: You can easily upload and sell any kind of written works on your own author page at XinXii - short texts, documents, eBooks and audiobooks. Your advantages in terms of marketing at a glance:


Your eBook, short text or document, sold around the world. At XinXii, you get your work out to the masses: Our indie eBook shop attracts thousands of users per month.

Your own eBook shop

At XinXii you get your own eBook shop which you can drive your readers to. You will find your personal link in your "My XinXii"-area in "Marketing: Links & Badges". Just copy the HTML code to add it to your blog or website. Clicking on the link will automatically link visitors to your XinXii author page.

Professional and customer-friendly presentation of your publications

Upload a cover and an excerpt, enter your description text, tags and your author profile, link to your other social profiles and much more... Your author page benefits from a user friendly design and provides basic and deep information about your publications.

Search engine optimization

We have optimized XinXii for search engines like Google, so your entries are found more easily and in a targeted manner that brings more customers to your XinXii bookstore.

Customer reviews

We enable customers to write a review. Book reviews are a valuable marketing tool that gives you and potential readers an unbiased feedback of your work. You can activate an alert so that whenever someone buys one of your works, you will instantly get an eMail.

Your works at a glance

If you upload more than one eBook at XinXii, your name on your author page will link to your bibliography so that a visitor can see all your works at one glance.

Social Networking

We invite you to link to your other social profiles in your author profile.

This is what we can do for you - completely free of charge and without any further action on your part. You may now think: "OK, I now just have to wait for my customers..." Wrong! Don't just wait for customers to come to you; drive targeted traffic to your author page at XinXii with our comprehensive online marketing ideas.

So it's your turn now...

Create Buzz and Generate More Downloads!

We therefore recommend to additionally promote your publications as much as you can. However, we want to sensitize in particular (less known) fiction authors in terms of marketing because there are only a few who are found by keyword, topic or title - in comparison to guides, templates or instructions. At XinXii, fiction and literature (fantasy stories, biographies, short stories, romance, poems...) is bought by the preliminary work of the author in terms of marketing.

Each author can influence the positive development of his sales. You have already taken the first step by using XinXii. Now, it's time for the next steps...

The First Steps to Book Marketing

Before you start reading each online marketing indea, let us ask you this: Have you already used the most simplest marketing techniques?

Informing Family & Friends

Do your family and friends know about your eBook on XinXii? Just use the 'E-Mail to a Friend'-function on your product page to inform your people.

Blog about your publication at

Your new author page at XinXii is a great subject to talk about! Inform your readers about your activity and link them to your publications they can purchase.

Book Review

Ask somebody close to you to write a honest, objective and constructive review about your eBook. She/he should give a brief summary and her/his opinion. Your potential reader will appreciate any additional information!

If you have done these first steps, let's take a closer look on what is possible to boost your eBook sales or text sales on XinXii:

Our recommended online marketing measures at a glance:

  •  Author Badges
  •  XinXii Author Page
  •  Book Trailer
  •  Coupon Codes
  •  Offline Book Marketing
  •  Pinterest
  •  Press Releases
  •  Social Bookmarks
  •  Social Networks
  •  Social News
  •  Tips by Experts
  •  Twitter
  •  WiseStamp

And now let's start creating the buzz!

Additional Resources and Useful Links

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