President Reagan's Program to Insure U.S. Leadership

How All Can Participate an Reap the Benefits

Author: Ervin Ackman
Pages: 325
Language: English
Publication date: 01/11/2013
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The book is about President Reagan's Project Socrates.
Michael Sekora, a brilliant physicist and intelligence officer under Ronald Reagan, created and directed Reagan’s Project Socrates to insure US superpower status indefinitely. The story of Project Socrates exposes the best and worst of our government and its leaders. On the one hand are the dedicated, tireless patriots of Team Socrates ushering in the next major leap of humankind, Automated Innovation. On the other side are the government bureaucrats bent on maintaining the status quo at any expense.
Our shift from technology to finance-based planning after WWII has resulted in a slow but quickening decline in competitiveness, the single most important factor in survival, economic growth and prosperity. It would seem obvious given where we are today an almost insurmountable debt, huge trade deficits, industry after industry being lost, scarcity of jobs (and those that are created are lower paying) that what we are doing does not work. It is ironic that the status quo our leadership in all sectors, social, economic and political holds onto is a flawed system driven by finance-based planning. But even though the status quo has not worked for fifty years we continue down that road pushing even harder expecting better results.
Team Socrates built a system capable of exposing and countering competitor strategies enabling us to dominate any market, commercial or military, at will. Adversaries as well as allies quickly became aware of the power of Socrates. Pressures from a few allies, particularly Japan, played a part in ending Socrates as a government program.
Socrates was not just another “cool idea”. Socrates was developed, hostiles vetted it and it was deployed with incredible success to help President Reagan achieve one of his highest priorities, bringing down the Soviet Union. And it was done without firing a shot. Socrates enabled the US to make giant leaps in military and commercial capability with astonishing speed. In the end though, newly elected president, George H. W. Bush immediately scuttled the program and set the US back on track for decline as the sole superpower economically and militarily.
But we are not at the end of the incredible story of Project Socrates, the solution that would propel the US and the world to heights never imagined. Upon leaving the government during the fiasco with President Bush, Sekora continued in the private sector to refine the system that may be our only salvation as China proceeds toward their objective of world domination.
While other countries are working hard to replicate Socrates Automated Innovation, none have succeeded thus far. But Socrates style Automated Innovation will come to pass in the near future and it is absolutely essential that the US leads the Automated Innovation Revolution. If we fail we will be just another second rate country at the mercy of those countries that emerge as leaders.
In every sector of US society, government, industry, capital markets and academia, we seem to be on automatic in a death spiral. Our leaders are vacant of solutions continuing to do those things that caused the problem in the first place and actually speed up the demise. For reasons discussed in this book, our leaders may not be capable of awakening in time.
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Ervin Ackman is an international business and government advisor specializing in economic growth and competitive strategies. He and his wife Donna live in Austin, Texas. They have two adult children and two grand children also residing in Texas.
Ervin Ackman met Michael Sekora several years ago and developed a friendship around their common concern over the future of America. Michael Sekora introduced Mr. Ackman to Project Socrates, which Sekora had created and directed under President Reagan. This book, about Sekora and Project Socrates, is his first but he is already planning the next, which is about the new leadership that will emerge as the “second founders” who will guide us through our country’s inevitable transformation for survival.
Throughout his career he has brought innovation to organization procedures stuck in conventional routines that only maintain status quo in a world where constant advancement is essential for survival. His work has touched everything from sales organization structure, to HR talent acquisition and development, fundamentals of successful teams, organization restructuring and organization change management. He admits that in every case, traditionalists have been a challenge through their resistance, at any cost, to letting go of elaborate and complicated but obsolete systems.
But it was not until he met Michael Sekora several years ago that he was able to consolidate and apply his work around what he refers to as, the fundamental foundation for all we do – the ability to systematically acquire and utilize technology. The timing was perfect to address the now rapidly developing crisis, which his gut had been signaling for a long time. The downward spiral of the US had to be reversed and Sekora had the only viable solution. The great country we have been blessed with has been literally operating on borrowed time and fundamental change was about to happen – ready or not. The only question was, would we manage the transformation to our benefit or would we allow it to evolve at the mercy of painful natural processes?
He never intended to write a book about it, but as his friendship with Sekora developed his recordings of the history and background of President Reagan’s Project Socrates and its creator, Michael Sekora, began to take shape in the form of a book. The book is a message that must be heard and acted upon if the US is to survive. If writing a book will help, he believes it is the least he can do but plans to do much more.

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