Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups

The Fundamental Truth

Author: JB Malatji
Pages: 70
Language: English
ISBN: 9783962463311
Publication date: 18/05/2020
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The human and the business expectations of entrepreneurial attributes are critical for the success of any enterprise. This book seeks to help build knowledgeable, capable and responsible entrepreneurs.
Starting a business is hard. The challenge of this era is not the lack of information but the abundance of it. Entrepreneurship and starting any business has to do with four most important factors - passion and interest, the market (problems to solve and needs to meet), the know-how and the resources. These are factors that every entrepreneur and business owner must understand if they are to establish profitable and sustainable businesses.

With so much information out there, there is still a high failure rate among start-ups, more than 80% to be precise within 36 months of operation. Why is this so? The experts through a huge body of articles indicate the know-how and cash flow problems as the major causes for such failures. In this book “Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups: The Fundamental Truths”, the author is highlighting another factor that contribute immensely to this terrible statistics which very experts have mentioned – the foundation of the business. If the foundation is not right, the building is bound to fall. Some take time to fall and others fall pretty very soon.

“Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups: The Fundamental Truths” highlights the importance of the ability to identify problems with the readiness to create solutions as the key to designing, planning and launching profitable and sustainable businesses. The guidance and advises offered in this book are direct, realistic and actionable.

The author in “Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups: The Fundamental Truths” highlights humanity’s inherent ability to find solutions to problems that exist, be it in business and in the environment or meeting societal needs. He views entrepreneurship as a calling. The book addresses the fundamental foundational issues that are seldom mentioned in the discussions regarding start-up failures.
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Basi Malatji (JB) is an MBA graduate with background on finance, management, sales and marketing and leadership. His experience includes 17 years in the banking industry served with three major South African banks at different management levels. During this time he was advising individual and business customers on financial and entrepreneurial matters.

Basi is a consultant on entrepreneurial development, financial literacy, and junior/supervisory management development, a job he has been doing for more than eight years. His wealth of experience acquired over a period exceeding two decades in the banking and financial industry, training and development, and consulting qualifies him to speak on finance and financial literacy, entrepreneurship and business development, and management development matters with authority.

Basi Malatji (JB) is the author of “Financial Literacy: The Basic Requirement for Financial Freedom”. He has designed online courses “Start-Up Value Positioning”, “Start-Up Business Modelling”, “Grow Your Start-Up Now” and “Buying a Business”.

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