You’re Either a Dreamer or a Millionaire

The Secret Recipe for: Working Smart.Thinking Smart.Invest

Author: Jake Findi
Pages: 166
Language: English
Publication date: 25/04/2014
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How to set up your business and work smart
Do you want to reach the pinnacle of your profession? This book is practical and not theoretical. Have you had enough of unworkable theories? Unworkable theories are “myths of knowledge”. They do not create any effect or inspire change in people’s lives. Approach this book with a practical mind for all resources in it are practical. This book is a bank of ideas and thoughts.
You don’t need an MBA to build a successful business. Nor do you need to become a techno guru before you can embark on any tech project. There are no insurmountable barriers that could prevent you from achieving your goal.
A close friend of mine once joked that he was required to submit dozens of documents in order to open his LLC. In return, he expected a fancy name. However, the Registry Department just gave him a piece of paper with the words “General Director” printed on it. If you ask me ‘How can you be your own boss?’ I will ask you to go for the title of “general director”.That is to say, create your own LLC if you want to be free from your tyrannical boss. On the other hand, if you are looking for a job and can’t find one for yourself, create one so that you don’t have to go to interview after interview being rejected. In this book you are going to meet the secret sauce of the big and successful companies of our time and the underdogs who persisted until they made it.
You will also meet the rich opportunities of business, the mindset of the dreamers and the millionaires, what makes the two different and the chemical combination you need to be successful.
This book is a guide to improve your circumstances, your life, your business and your job.
Be you a trader, a programmer, realtor, an entrepreneur, a doctor, a consultant, a teacher or a beautician - there is useful advice that could be helpful to your endeavour. Do not follow just follow the advice to the letter, but, rather pick and adapt that which will work for you. Take not those that suit you and leave those that don’t. I don’t promise you heaven on earth. Remember to be yourself.
This book is divided into three parts. In Part 1, I talk about spotting opportunities. What is an opportunity at all? Why are some people are better at finding opportunities, while others miss them completely. You will discover how to break the rules for the better. You will also learn of the mindset of an ordinary person. What makes them ordinary? Running for a prize but not genuinely challenging - another revealing episode that you will discover, among others.
Part 2 covers the secret way to work smart, think smart and invest smart. In this era of knowledge dispensation, the traditional matter of simply “working hard” is no more. This book details the secret ways of the three pillars “work smart, think smart and invest smart”. You will also learn the difference between a dreamer and a millionaire. The two are made, not born.
Part 3 is all about starting your business from scratch. Many people find it difficult to let it go .You will learn how some people left their comfort zones for better. And you are not an exception. If you don’t like your career, trade it for a better one. And a better one is doing what you love.
No matter what kind business you are involved in, the possibilities are endless. This book will give you the tools and guide you on a journey of faith. In conclusion, you will compete for the PRIZE and not just accept a PLACE.
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Jake Findi is an entrepreneur and an author based in Moscow, Russia. He is the second child of four to Mr. Tana Findi. Jake is marketing oriented and business inclined. His philosophy is to learn new things everyday and is always hunting for ideas. In other words, Jake is a self taught entrepreneur. He has a colourful resume, believing that diversification is key to success. He is currently a fashion designer and the creator of a reality TV show in Moscow.Previously, he has been involved in fireplace production from 2008 for a year .Moreover, he founded his own LLC company in 2010, after a massive loss in the 2009 financial crisis. He launched a clothing line called JAKE&JAKE - it closed down in 2011.
He is currently the founder and CEO of, an online clothes store . He is also the founder of a concierge and lifestyle management project - in Russia.

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