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The Dynamic Managers Handbook of Customer Loyalty

Author: Dave Donelson
Pages: 22
Language: English
Publication date: 29/05/2011
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How to keep your customers happy so they keep on being your customers
Good customers are hard to find, but they are easy to lose. Keeping your current customers happy may be the most important marketing strategy for any small business owner. From small things like your telephone greeting to large ones like how you handle complaints, everything you and your staff does affects your customer relationships.

How do you manage the customer who refuses to be satisfied? That’s just one of the many customer relations dilemmas facing small business owners and managers every day. This collection contains dozens of tactics for keeping your customers happy so they not only stay with you, they bring their friends along, too!

“Keeping Your Business Customer Friendly” points out numerous small things that can turn into big customer irritants if you’re not careful.

“Three Sure Ways To Drive Away Customers” explains how staff attitudes and communication skills ultimately determine just how loyal your customers remain.

“Dealing With Difficult Customers” shows how to turn that steaming monster into a happy, satisfied, repeat buyer.

“Managing Unhappy Service Business Customers” examines the special customer relations problems faced by businesses like repair shops.

“Case Study: Chacon Autos Steers Through A Downturn” goes behind the scenes to see how strong customer relations helped this small business prosper while their competition floundered.
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The most important skill Dave Donelson learned as a journalist was how to ask questions and truly listen to the answers. That skill helped him in his sales career, too, and was even more important when he became an entrepreneur. Listening to other business owners talk about their successes, failures, experiments and tried-and-true tactics helped him not only avoid repeating their mistakes but encouraged him to persevere and try new strategies. The stories and advice of hundreds of small business owners and managers inspired the Dynamic Manager Guides.

Dave Donelson's careers as a broadcaster, entrepreneur, and writer have taken him to many interesting places, not the least of which is inside hundreds of American businesses. Since 1999, he has been a full time freelance writer, publishing numerous books and regularly contributing to national business magazines and dozens of trade publications serving industries from the automotive aftermarket to sporting goods retailing. He also speaks regularly before groups of all sizes. In previous years, he was an entrepreneur, sales trainer, and management consultant. His clients have included one of every seven commercial TV stations in the US. He's also worked with companies engaged in heavy manufacturing, construction, engineering, industrial sales, general retailing, and consumer services. As an entrepreneur, he founded three companies, owned two TV stations, a steel fabricator, and a construction company, and assisted numerous other businesses in various fields.

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