Double your Profits

Author: Jasmin Hajro
Pages: 81
Language: English
ISBN: 9783961420926
Publication date: 26/01/2019
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How to double your sales & profits
In this powerfull book you'll discover :

The bio of entrepreneur & author Jasmin Hajro

& How to approach your prospects in a unique and credible way

& How to get people to visit your business & website

& How to easily be attractively different

& book The Ultimate Winning Strategy for entrepreneurs

With all of this, you'll double your profits.

My results in august 2017 : 32,5 sales

in september 2017 : 43,5 sales

in october 2017 : 18 sales

in november 2017 : 86 sales

in september 2018 : 103 sales

If I can double my profits, so can You.

& Plus a Bonus book, to boost your productivity.

From real life experience of having my own business
and doubling my sales & profits.
Proven to work for you
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My name is Jasmin Hajro, I am born in Bosnia on july 6th 1985.
Read more than 20 books on finance, took 3 courses, 5 years experience investing for myself, 3 years experience investing money for clients.

8 Years experience in being a business owner, 5 years experience in being an entrepreneur.

5 Years experience in door to door selling.

More than 10 years of experience in writing, more than 4 years experience in being an author.

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