Global Secret and Intelligence Service - II

'In every place where necessity makes law'

Author: H. Duthel
Pages: 415
Language: English
Publication date: 10/01/2008
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“Partout où nécessité fait loi”
The DEA in popular culture

* The (The Drug Enjoying Americans), a drug information site.
* Gary Oldman played a corrupt DEA Agent in The Professional.
* Luis Guzman and Don Cheadle play two DEA agents in the movie Traffic.
* Vin Diesel plays a DEA agent in the movie A Man Apart.
* Max Payne is a DEA agent in the video game series Max Payne. In the game, Max battles addicts of a fictional designer drug called Valkyr.
* David Duchovny played a transvestite DEA agent, Denise/Dennis Bryson on the series, Twin Peaks.
* Mary-Louise Parker finds out that her boyfriend is a DEA agent on the Showtime series 'Weeds'

Nivel Central
Cra 28 No. 17 a 00 (Paloquemao)
(1) 4088000 - 2086060
Bogotá, Colombia

DAS Website:


* Protuobavještajna agencija (POA) (Counter-Intelligence Agency)
* Obavještajna agencija (OA) (Intelligence Agency)
* Vojna sigurnosna agencija (VSA) (Military Security Agency)

Note: POA and OA awaiting merge into Središnja obavještajna agencija (SOA) (Central Intelligence Agency)

Obavještajna agencija

The Croatian Intelligence Agency (OA) was formed by the Republic of Croatia's Security Services Law (Zakon o sigurnosnim službama Republike Hrvatske - Klasa: 200-01/02-01/01). It was voted out by the Parlament on March 21, confirmed by president Mesic on March 26 (all laws/acts etc. relating to national security must also be confirmed by the president before they are legitimate, as required by the Constitution), and came into effect April 1st, 2002.


Its primary duties are stated in Chapter III., Paragraph a), Article 7, Subsection (1) of the aforementioned law and translate into English as follows:

(1) The Intelligence Agency (OA) will, through its actions abroad, gather, analyze, process and evaluate information of political, economical, security and military nature in relation to foreign countries, international government and non-government organizations, political, military and economic alliances, groups and individuals, especially all those with the intention, the possibility, or those believed to be plotting plans and covert actions to jeopardize (Croatian) national security.
El vendedor asume toda la responsabilidad de esta entrada.
Heinz Duthel
About the Author:
Short Curriculum Vitae:
Born 1950 in Nuremberg, Germany
Until the age of 15 he spend his life in German Government Orphanage
1966 left Germany to joint the French Foreign Legion
1980 First book published in Bielefeld with RH, SPK, and H. Boell
1981 media Agent mainly semi-Governmental publications
1986 appointed as Full Rank Colonel for the KNLU
1986 appointed as Ambassadors to the UN for the KNU
1987 with R. Perrot negotiate the liberation of the last POW/MIA (US)
1988 appointed as Consul of the PDR of Angola in France
1989 meeting with the President of the Seychelles
1989 meeting with ex-PM J. Chirac, Charles Pasqua in Paris
1989 appointed as Consul of Uganda in Germany
1995 until 2000 editor of the biggest daily Internet Journal in English
1992 –2006 H. Duthel wrote 24 books, novels, Politics, Sociology, Mathematics and Philosophy Essays.
Media Report about H. Duthel 2005
Vanguardia Spain 2002
BBC 2006
Member: BdWi (Bund Demokratischer WissenschafterInnen) 2005 (
Member: Philosophers Today (
Member: NGO – ICC (

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