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Publication date: 28/10/2011
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Colorado Internet, Online Advertising, Search Engine Marketing SEM and Computers
The most talented Creative Directors in Silicon Valley met in a conference room next to my office to create the first advertisements for Adobe Illustrators version for Windows known as Illustrator 7.0. The slogan we picked after a night of North Beach pizza with Molson’s beer was “I Do Windows.” The Creative Directors began to call their collaboration KR8V (Creative). Before Illustrator 7.0, Adobe software was Mac based for Apple computers. Our team was going to change all that. Not only with online banner ads, standup cutouts made of thick cardboard, but a rebate ad. Online banners in 1997 were selling for $1200 to $1800 per ad to create with Adobe Photoshop. The rebate program would be Adobe System’s first. This project opened up the doors to other Adobe Departments. KR8V Creative Directors were asked to design the first websites, Internet advertisement as well as print ads for PageMaker, PageMill, and soon eSchwab. Winners of the rebate campaign won a trip to Paris, France, because the promotion went beyond the high tech technology of San Francisco Bay Area connected to Adobe’s headquarters in San Jose, California. The advertising campaign was going to be worldwide. By the end of the week, we were receiving orders from Charles Schwab International Electronic Brokerage. The calls came from eSchwab to make tutorial CDs that would be mailed out to investors so as to teach the investors to barter online instead of with a broker. The languages evolved from English only to Mandarin Chinese and Spanish for the Latin American investors. Seventy percent of the staff was let go in some brokerage firms. Brokers didn’t have to engage in conversations with clients if the investors were invited online. Investing over the Internet was the web portal to the future. The portal was nicknamed vertical, because of the emphasis on financial news, monetary policy, and stock market events. By being a gateway to money, the firm focused with a digital precision. Soon Memphis hospitals were coming to us to create a portal called Phyve, Digital Medical Systems, and Baptist Medical. The programmers brought account executives from Nashville, Tennessee. The buildings involved with the industry’s recording of country music on a space called Music Row wanted us to create radio stations across the Internet. COR Medical researched a portal in Santa Barbara, California. The world leader in atomic force microscopes made me their first Webmaster to create a public portal to the Nanotechnology as well as an Internal Portal that was only made available to employees with a log in number and password. The servers were advancing quickly. After buying servers from Dell Computers, we had the top technician from Dell’s Headquarters in Texas stay with us for one week so that we could learn about the advancements made on the web server technology by Dell. The concentration on servers was the way of the future for companies relying on computer technology.
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Thomas Chi
The First in Internet Advertising Campaigns

Adobe Illustrator 7.0 I Do Windows First Rebate Advertising Campaign, San Jose, California
Charles Schwab’s CD Rom Tutorials - Teach Investors How to Invest Online
Charles Schwabs Banner Advertisements : Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, and English
Web Design Class, CompUSA, Market Street Headquarters, Financial District, San Francisco
Web Design Class, Computown, San Francisco
Maingate, Military Vertical Portal, Teaching Military, Jacksonville, Florida and San Francisco
Phyve, Medical Software for Baptist Hospitals, Memphis and San Francisco
Digital Medical Systems, Medical Vertical Portal, Teaching Doctors, Nashville and San Francisco


Veeco Metrology, Nanotechnology, Goleta, California
Digital Instruments, Atomic Force Microscopes, Santa Barbara, California
Charles Schwab International Electronic Brokerage, San Francisco, California
Charles Schwab CD Rom Tutorial, San Francisco, California
Adobe Systems, San Jose, California, Photoshop, PageMill, PageMaker, , San Jose, California
Adobe Illustrator 7.0 Microsoft Windows - I Do Windows Campaign
Computown aka CompUSA, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Web Design
New York City Portfolio aka NYCPortfolio, Asset Management Company, New York City and Channel Blast, Online Radio, Mark Lipsky, VP Miramax, New York City
LucasFilms, San Rafael, California, 1991 Films: Star Trek IV, Invisible Man: Chevy Chase, Hook: Robin Williams at Industrial Light and Magic, San Rafael, California, Headquarters
Skywalker Sound, San Anselmo California
Lane Publishing, Menlo Park, California, Desert Storm Interviews with Kuwaitis in Egypt and Greece
Sunset Magazine, Menlo Park, California
Los Angeles Portfolio, Publishing

CD Rom Tutorials and Animation

Charles Schwab: How to Invest Online, CD Rom Tutorial
eSchwab Tutorial, Charles Schwab International Electronic Brokerage
Veeco Metrology Group: Web Style Guide, September 13, 2000 and Animated Polymers
Veeco: Advanced Training in Atomic Force Microscopy on Biological Samples, May 24-26, 2000
Digital Instruments: Nanotechnology, Technical Publications
Veeco Metrology Group: Atomic Force Microscopy, Online Publications
Santa Barbara Technical Writers, Lecturer

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