Global Quantum Intelligence Die globale quantische Intelligenz


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Publication date: 02/08/2019
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Ein Quantensprung der Diversitätsmanagement Intelligenz
The quantum paradigm is not the monopoly of hard science and engineering disciplines. As physics describes nature and life and as for example consciousness phenomena are also part of both, one may logically assume that quantum principles may also be applied to them at least metaphorically. Therefore, in this treatise, the term quantum paradigm is applied metaphorically. A quantum paradigm-based cognitive world revolution is a new, hard science-based conceptualization of an old message such as, for example, that of the revolutionary teachings of Jesus Christ in its own days and language. The change of mind and the shift of human consciousness entailed in the teachings of all true messengers of God can be reframed favorably in a more scientific jargon for the audience of our scientific-technical era. It provides the basis and a conceptual framework for what may be called quantum healing at the individual level and global quantum healing at the planetary level. Among the keys to it is a complementarity principle-based change in consciousness that entails not only a corresponding biological change, but also a global social and geopolitical change and thus a planetary global environmental change. In that sense the term world revolution is not frightening but rather the fulfilment of millennia of human hopes and aspirations.
In any case complementary vistas and perceptions of a given reality usually provide a more complete and more effective picture of the issue under examination. It can be applied very favorably at the individual as well as at the collective consciousness level - wherever awareness and consciousness processes are involved, and that is just about everywhere, where humans and their interactions with one another and with the world come into play - to global management, to geopolitical matters or to planetary survival issues of our era. And last but not least it can be applied very favorably to intercultural management issues and to global diversity manag
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Quatrikultureller Bildungshintergrund; Schwerpunkte: Angewandte Fremdsprachen, Europäische Wirtschaft, internationale Politik (Sorbonne), interkulturelles Management (Cambridge) BWL hierzulande (Univ. Paris, Madrid, London, Cambridge)
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